July 24th.  The Wind S. blowing a great storm all day, which did considerable mischief in blowing down the hay Mows and scattering the hay cocks about the meadows
25th.  The Wind S. blowing high in the morning and untill 8 a clock when it begun to rain; & continued with very little intermission almost till night; a very dirty Fair to day at LLanfechell, and very few people in it. pd. George Warmingham 10s. in part of his wages.
26th.  The Wind S.S.W: dark and cloudy all this day, tho it made but little of no rain neither. pd. Owen Madog Surveyour of the high ways for Clygyrog division 1s. 7d. 2/1 tax for Clygyrog ucha .

27th.    ❍5 [this is in the margin opposite this entry sw]  

The Wind S.W. calm - sun - shiny and fair all this day — very few people in LLanfechell Church occasioned by the old superstition of people of all Sexes and ages goeing to LLanelian wakes to visit a dry skull, scrapeing an old stone and playing other Jugling tricks in the Myfŷr & ye Cwppwrdd [according to a 19thC account quoted by Nesta Evans, the Myfyr is a small chapel and "in it  there exists an old relic of superstition; this is an oaken box fixed to the wall of the Myfyr; it is semi-circular about six feet long, three feet wide, and four feet high with a door or hole a foot broad and almost three feet high. During the wake all the people get into this box, and should they get in and out with ease, having turned round in it three times they will live out the year, but otherwise they assuredly die."]. pd. 3d. for ale after Evening Prayer.

28th.  The Wind W.S.W, calm, dark and cloudy, made some rain in the morning before day, but dry all the rest of the day, my Servts. are carrying the Slates home from Cemaes that came from — Carnarvan in Robert Foulk's Boat & in Owen Warmingham's Boats that carryed my Corn there; Viz 6000 betwixt both Boats Pd. Robert Foulk 12s. for Carrying 4000 slates.
29th.  The Wind N.E. calm, sun-shiny and fair all this day, & my people in the Hay. pd. Thomas Wms. the Taylor of Dymchwa 6d. for mending my cloaths, & pd. to Edward Warmingham that went to Carnarvan with my Corn, & brought Slates back again 8s.
30th. The Wind N. calm, sun-shiny and fair all day, my people at the same work of hay-makeing as before.

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