July 19th.  The Wind W.S.W. rained hard sometime before day, dry afterwards till 5 in the Evening when it made another shower, all the day was generally cloudy and dark; finished what I had to do in Cae-rhyd y Gaseg, they are now carrying & working of stones to make a piece of a wall wanted in Cae Sgubor bach; pd. Huw Prys y Pydew 3s. 6d.for a pair of pumps
20th.  The Wind W. and generally dark & cloudy all day – made a great shower of rain in the Evening that lasted half an hour, the rest of the day Dry. The Parson preached on 1.Sam. Chap.3d. & ye last part of the 18th. vers: where he wrested ye Scripture to paint a very cruell revengfull man in amiable colours: in David's reprooveing the Loyall = zeal of Abishai that would resent ye impudent behaviour of Simiei [Shimei sw]; by telling him to let him alone, that it was not lawfull to forbid him to curse because ye Lord had sent him for that purpose — not considering, or forgetting that the Same David when Just a dyeing directs his Son Solomon to take revenge on this man Simei which could not be lawfull (let alone ye genorosity of it) if the Lord had comanded [there is a line over the 'm' sw] him to curse David — [this all seems to be in II Samuel, not I Samuel sw]
2ist.  The Wind W.& by N.calm, clear & sun-shiny all day. Set to day all my mear hedges bordering on Bronheulog to Wm. Thomas of Cnwchdernog to be fenced & scowred at the rate of 3d. a Rood. my people all this day in the hay.
22d.  The Wind N. sharp and cold in the morning, and Sun-shiny and dry all day, my people all this day in the hay; Sent Some Rye to Cemaes to be put in Owen Warmingham's boat to go to ['to' is written in the margin sw] Carnarvan Fair which is ye 24th. Inst.
23d.  The Wind N. & by W. sun shiny, fair & dry all this day - my people in the hay as before; pd. into the hands of Wm. Davies 5s. to buy me spice and other things at Carnarvan Fair to make the Cephalick water or Tincture.

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