June 2ist.  The Wind W. & by N. calm, Sun shiny fair and very warm all day: pd. 5s. 6d. for 5 yards of flannel for — Anna Wright to make her under petticoats. 
22d.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark & raining a little frequently almost allmost all day: Pd. Wm. Callen the Excise – officer i4s. being my composition for two heads for Malt& candles from Midsummer i757 to Midsummer i758.
23d.  The Wind N.E. calm, Sun shiny & very warm all this day, Pd. Marged Jones i2s. being the remainder ofher last winter's wages; & Paid Mr. Jones the Curate 6s. 8d. for the Sermon he preached last Barnabas day.
24th.  The Wind N.E. calm, sun shiny fair, very warm & sultry all day, Pd. Rhŷs Bentir is. 6d. for a quarter of Veal & the head, & Pd. 8d. for fish.
25th.  The Wind E. blowing pretty high, Sun Shiny, hot & scorching– all this day: My people employed in much the same sort of work as last week, onely this day they were carrying lime from Cemaes that came by Peter's ship from Carnarvon to Coydan, & Bodelwyn, & some to Brynddu to repair the damages – done on the houses in those places the last great Storm in March last.
26th.  The Wind E.N.E. very calm, something cloudy & overcast in the – morning but hot & sultry; The Evening was Sun shiny, fair & very hot.
27th.  The Wind E. & by N. very calm, Sun shiny & very hot & [Su sw]ltry all this day also: Paid William Parry a Taylor of Bangor 3 pound i0s. 6d. for a full sute of Cloaths, Cloath, lining , trimmings, makeing and all, & gave his Son who brought them home 2s. 6d.
28th.  The Wind E. N.E. blowing fresh, Sun shiny, hot & sultry all this day also: Paid John Hughes of Marrian ’s bill for Salt &c 7s. sent by him to Chester is. [1/- sw] to buy drugs; pd. 6s. for checquered linnen to make Anna Wright aprons;
29th.  The Wind N. N. E. calm, cloudy & often overcast, but very warm all this day also·
30th.  The Wind W in the morning & settled at S. W. in the Evening & blew fresh & made a good deal of rain this night: Mr. John Evans the new Parson Set his Tythe to day in the following order, Caerdegog Parcell 43 pounds, I took LLawr y llan parcell for 27 pounds, Gwenith- –fryn parcell 32s. parcell y Mynydd i5s. I gave is. [1/- sw] earnest for the Tythe bargain , and paid Ellin Lewis 20s. in full of her last winter's wages

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