❍ 5 [this is written vertically in the margin opposite this entry sw] July ist.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh &for the most part dark and overcast but made but little rain this ^morning^ day. Paid Catherine Broadhead 50 shillings in full of her year's wages ending this day; & paid Rhŷs Bentir 4s. for a side of Mutton weighing 20 pound and a Calf's head: about 5 this Evening it begun to rain very hard,
2d.  The Wind W. in the morning, came to S.W. before noon, blowing fresh all day & generally SunShiny: My people all this week employed betwixt harvesting the Turf & opening wet ditches: Pd. 20s. to Wm. Peter for carrying lime from Carnarvan to Cemaes, & pd. i0s. 6d. for a hat for Anna Wright.
3d.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh, Sun shiny hot & scorching all day: The Curate Priest preached on Rom: Chap: 6th. verse 4th.
4th.  The Wind S.S.W. and raining hard most part of the morning; The — Evening was dry and it blew fresh .
5th.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh, sunshiny hot & scorching all the morning; the Evening was quite the reverse (except the blowing of the wind ) being cloudy & overcast and very cold.
6th.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh, cloudy & overcast all y[e sw] morning with some very little rain about ii: gave Anna Wright 3s. 6d. to go to the burying of Mrs. Morris of Rhydgroes: she was the widdow of my late Unkle Richard [there is a line which is either over the 'i' of Richard, or below the 'rs.' of 'Mrs. Morris' sw] Gwyn of Rhydgroes who dyed in Septr. i723 & she marryed 3 years after Thomas Morris a Denbighshire man, then a servant at Caera, & she has held at least 30 pounds a year of that Estate for near 34 years. it blew high in the Evening, but made little or no rain.
7th.  The Wind W. S. W. calm, Sun shiny fair & warm all this day, but made heavy rain about i a clock this morning.
8th.  The Wind W. S. W. very calm, sun shiny fair & very hot all this day; Pd. Wm. Bevan is, [1/- sw] for a fore quarter of Mutton & pd. Rhys Ben –tir 1s. for a quarter of Veal & 6d. for a quarter of Lamb.
9th.  The Wind variable this day from E. to S.W. blowing very moderate sun shiny & very hot all day: Pd. Owen Warmigha[m sw] 5s. for atten – ding sick Cattle here last spring: pd. Robert Davies the Miner 6s. for 6 days work in blasting the Rock in Bodelwyn that lay cross the ditch within Cae Cal[eb sw] & stopped the water that came from Cae'r Gors : &Pd. 2d. for fish.
i0th.  The Wind E. N· E. very calm, sun shiny and fair and excessive hot all this day; Now & but a day or 2 ago the Mulbery & wallnut trees were – fully opened into leaves, & the Rose trees opened their blossoms no earlier than 8 or Nine days ago:The Parson Priest preached on James Chap [5 sw]th. &verse i2th.

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