October 29th.  The Wind [W sw]. & by S. blowing moderate in the morning & not cold, blew fresh & cold all the Evening & night: it rained very hard about 3 in the morning , and exceeding hard about 8 at night, but all the day was fair & dry and my people ii in number are every day (since thursday they begun ) at the new hedge . 
30th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing fresh & cold with frequent showers of sharp rain in the morning; the Evening was dry but windy & cold and made a great deal of rain in the night.
3ist.  The Wind S. blowing very high & even tempestuous from– noon to night, it rained excessive hard about 5 in the morn –ing and frequent showers afterwards all along till noon but the Evening was dry, and the wind much allayed before 10 at night. gave 6d. to a poor labouring man·
November ist.  The Wind S. in the morning, about 10 it cameto E. and before night it settled a gain at S. all the morning till near noon was a dirty mizling rain & very calm, the Evening was dry & some shining Sun, but the night stormy & very tempestuous: pd. 2d. for Nails, & 1d. for sulphur pd. i8d. for a pound of [5 sw]averdupois weight of raw [k sw]emp [or possibly 'hemp' sw].
2d.  The Wind S. blowing high all the morning & raining very hard about 3 in the morning, with frequent showers of driveing – rain all the morning, the Evening dry & the wind allayed, but on the fall of night it begun to rain again, & rained I– believe all or most part of the night, very little buying at LLanerchmedd Fair to day, and the rates but small.
3d.  The Wind N. E. in the morning, came to E. &by S. before– noon, & continued there the rest of the day; all the morning was in a manner rainy, but the Evening dry, & blew very moderate.
4th.  The Wind, N. & by E. blowing moderate & not very cold, but cloudy and dark generally all day, yet continued without raining till near Sun Set, when it begun to rain, & rained pretty hard for an houror more.

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