November 5th.  The Wind N.W. very moderate and pretty warm for the time of the year, generally– cloudy and dark but continued dry all this day; My – people all this week when they could stand out, were at the hedge in Cae'r Iarlles; gave Jane Owen 1s. 6d. to offer– at the burying of Betty Dryhurst of Pentre-heulyn - Eldest Daughter of my Cousin Arabella Vaughan. To Day I enter on my 58th. year of my Age, and I solemny & sincerely supplicate the Great God my Creator to continue his blessing & health to me while I am in this troublesome wretched world.
6th.  The Wind W. calm and moderate as to cold, but raw, moist weather  & very dark & overcast all day, the Sun haveing not appeared in this part of the world at all: The Priest finished a dull Sleeping Sermon he had begun the 23d. of last month.
7th.  The Wind W & by N. very calm, yet raw & cold, and dark and cloudy all day, & no Sunappearing; Finished to day planting my Hedge about Cae'r Iarlles with a double row of Haw thorn and Crab plants, & here & there some Eugh [Yew sw] plants amongst them, & planted at proper distances 75 Ash, 33 Elms, 15 Great Maple vulgarly called Sycamores, and two Lyime Trees. Planted likewise 8 Ash in the hedge of Cae'r Delyn within within the Middl field: And planted 15 Limes in the Ditch Side of Cae'r Pyllau bordering on the high road.
8th.  The Wind W. very calm and warm, cloudy and dark all this day also, but made no rain, To Day Icut down the otherside of the haw thorn hedge that is to the W. of the New Orchard; ye Side within the Orchard being cut 2 years ago: I begun to cut the Willow Poles for hoops this day also: Pd. Rhŷs Hughes 5s. 5d. for a Side of Pork & pd. 1d. for Tobacco pipes.
9th.  ●8 [this is written vertically immediately below '9th' sw] The Wind N. very calm & warm, but cloudy dark weather, yet dry all day: removed 8 old Elms as thick as my leg(which had been deep planted in the meadow under the Orchard ) to the Ditch side in Cae[’ sw]r Pyllau, and planted there instead of them 5 Lime Trees, and 4 Aspens: fenced likewise about severall young Trees in Cae Ddavydd & Cae Rhyd y Gaseg ·

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