October 20th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh, & generally Sun shiny, and drying well all the day: My people all this week are carrying home the Gors & thorns from Bodelwyn and the fern from Coydan for Winter fuel.
2ist.  The Wind in the morning about 7 at W. & by S. came to E. about i0. blew very moderate, yet was cold, cloudy and weather almost all day, yet it continued dry and without raining:The Evening was very calm and pleasant: Paid Lewis Wm. 2i shillings of this Sumer's [there is a curly line over the 'm' sw] wages.
22d.  The Wind  N.  blowing very moderate, and generally Sun- shiny, but dry all day.
23d.  The Wind N. very calm, cloudy, dark & very close weather all day, yet made no rain, tho it was expected after the extraordinary great hoar frost that was yesterday morning ·
24th.  The Wind N. in the morning early, it came to E. about i0, was very calm, dark, cloudy weather but dry all day - paid 4s. for 6 pound weight of flax, & is. 6d. to Wm. Prichard Parry for blasting Severall large stones, some in the Corn fields, & two in Brynnie duon, one of which lay across the ditch of Cefn yGroes, & the other across Brynclynni ditch, which stopt the course of the water, & prevented the makeing up the hedge .
25th.  The Wind E. very calm, cloudy,dark weather, but dry all day the Evening was something cold & chilly: Porthaethwy Fair yesterday & Aberffraw Fair the day before proved very bad, very little asking, & the rates much lowered .
26th.  10● [this is written vertically between '26th.' and 'Ecclips Vis.' sw] Ecclips Vis. [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] The Wind E. very calm, cloudy & dark weather all day; about i0 in the morning it made a small shower of rain which was soon over, and the rest of the day was dry: To Day I finished sowing 13 Cibbins of Wheat in part of Cae'r Iarlles, being pickled as it was last year, which see in Page 2i5. bought of Rhys Bentir a quarter of Mutton for i8d.
27th.  The Wind N. E. blowing very moderate, cloudy & dark all day. but Made no rain : To Day my people begun to sow Rye in the Pinfold in Coydan; the rest were carrying straw from– Coydan to thatch the houses at home, & serving the thatcher. Pd. is. [1/- sw] for a hundred of Oysters.

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