July 30th.  The Wind E. calm fair & clear and very Sultry, about 5 in ye Evening the Wind came to. S.W. grew dark & cloudy from that time to night when it rained a hard shower for an hour, this day I begun to make my <hay> in Stacks. Sent 9 Oxen to LLangwyfan to John Davies being Near Aberffraw to be at the Fair toomorrow -
31st.  The Wind S.W. in the Morning, dark & cloudy with a Mizling – rain most part of the Morning, & withall calm & warm; <the> Wind came to N.W. in ye Evening, calm & Sultry, makeing hay – this day, Sold the 9 Oxen at the Fair to Thomas Lewis the Drover who lives at Tre-Feibion Meyrick for 5L. 6s. 3d. a Beast.
August ist.  The Wind N.E. very calm & warm, but dark & cloudy all the Morning, Continue still to make Hay stacks, a good flesh Market to day at Llanfechell, pd. 10d. for a hind quarter of veal, bought a fore quarter of Mutton of Richard Owen for 7d. Paid Mr. Thomas Roberts of Bodiar ['Paid … Bodiar' is in deliberately larger than usual writing sw] five pounds Seaven Shillings & Six pence, Three pounds ten shillings being King's Rent for Lands in Drym by Me held by Lease at four Shillings & Eight pence a year, being 15 years Rent, & One pound Seaventeen Shillings & Six pence being 15 years Rent at 2 Shillings & Sixpence a year for a Quillet of the King's Land in Cnewch- -dernog Groes.
2d.  The Wind varying from N.E. to N.W. calm still weather, dark & cloudy all the Morning, & very Sultry, clear and hot Weather & Sultry in the Evening, makeing my Hay Stacks this day –
3d.  The Wind N.E. Dark & cloudy in the Morning & a fresh wind, clear – weather afterwards & the Wind allayed, Mrs. Long ['Mrs. Long' is in deliberately larger than usual writing sw], and ye old maid her Sister together with the Peirios came here in ye Evening which made me not return home from Evening Prayer: Spend 6dfor Ale.
4th.  The Wind N.E. a clear, fair, fine warm day from first to last finished makeing all my Hay Stacks at home, sowed in ye Same bed in the Wall Garden, English Cabbage, Russia Cabbage, & Cauly-flower Seeds, the End next ye South, Round English Cabbage next to them Russia Cabbage, next ye North Cauly flower Seeds
5th.  The Wind E. & N.E. a clear, fair & very hot day, & the Wind very Scorching, to day my people made the Hay at Cnewchdernog into a Stack. brought some Cattle home to be fattened for ye Cattle Fairs. 5 oxon, 2 heifers. & 3 yearlings, being unmarketable, & ugly Cattle –

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