March 15th. The Wind N.E. generally, tho it chopp'd about severall times before night , there was a pretty hard frost this Morning, & a very great hoar frost. This being the great foot ball match day between LLanfechell and its associated parishes;& LLanbadrig & its Associated parishes; LLanfechell party were – most shamefully beaten, as they have indeed been been these three last years.
16th.  The Wind E blowing very cold all day; tho there was no frost this Morning; pd Joseph ab Robert Lewis 2d. for 2 or 3 hours patching .
17th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh & very cold all day, and some hoar frost seen this morning, which together with the long continuance of dry weather without rain or dew, & the scorching winds it has made these four days past makes the face of the Earth look very barren.
18th.  The Wind N.E. blowing high cold & scorching all day. this morning the Earth was almost covered with hail that fell sometimes before day . This day my old Fox which had been one of my household from March 1730 or April 1731 dyed, haveing been worryed and mangled by some strange dog in the night about a fortnight ago.
19th.  The Wind E. blowing high & very cold, haveing freezed hard this ['this' is in the margin sw] night , continued scorching till 6 in the Evening when it became very calm & mild, & rained plentifully most part of the night.
20th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & cold, but sun shiny & fair all day. To day I finish sowing Oats, haveing sowed 20 peggets of Great Oats . Sent By Wm. Davies to Mr. Lewis Morris Mr. Parry's Rent. Sent for himself one Guinea as a present for many services he did me–·

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