March 7th.  The Wind E. Dark, rusty, and very cold raw weather all the Morning. The Wind came to S.E. before night, when it made some little rain,& became much milder. I have people all this day a dunging the little Garden, & planting Cabbage therein.
8th.  The wind in the Morning at S.S.E. cloudy, dark & cold raw weather till 10. when the Wind came to S. it then rained with little or no intermission, & often very hard till 7 in ye Evening the Garden work is cleansing & dressing the borders.
9th.  The Wind N.W in the Morning & very cold, came to the S. in ye Evening all this day was fair and dry, but the ground being very wet after the Rain yesterday, I could not plow nor harrow, my people employed in digging & carrying Gors to Rhôs Garrog Pinfold the Same work still in the Garden, pd. 3d. for Ale at Pyllcrach pd. into John Thomas of Wylfa ' s hands 3[s sw]. to buy a couple of Oars for my Boat, at Leverpool. The Market to day at LLanerchymedd lower & less asking for Corn than any before.
10th.  The Wind S.S.W. calm & still, but dark. cloudy with a mizling wet, rainy weather all day long. 
11th. The Wind E. & S.E. fair, sun - shiny, calm & pleasant weather, a great Hoar frost this morning, with some Frost likewise, which I am afraid will destroy all, or most of the blossoms which are full open & very thick upon the Peaches, Apricot & Nectorine, & some Plumbs;. about 10 it grew dark & cloudy & made severall showers of – heavy rain from 12 to 3 in the Evening, with some small showers afterwards about the fall of night . a plentifull Market to day at LLanfechell for Butcher's meat, meal, & grain.
12th. The Wind W. fair Sun-shiny & clear, but very wet, my people at the same work to day & yesterday as before, on the Farm, & in the Garden. made very heavy Rain in the Night about 11 or 12.

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