Octr. 25th.  The Wind S.W. rained almost all day, pd 6s Ir. for a pair of Shoose, pd 4d for a quarter of an Ounce of Opium. took a Pill in ye Morning, at Night I drank some Punch, which made me very sick I vomited up the Punch, & found some relief. rested well this night.
26th.  The Wind S.W a fair clear day, took a dram of Geneva in ye Morning very Sick after it, my stomach quite out of order, dined with Mr. Ben. Parry, could eat nothing, gave Mr. Parry's man 13d. 6d2/1 at a coll-ection for a Coach 6d2/1 at a collection at Church, my Loosness returned upon me again this night, very bad & weak
27th.  The Wind W. very cold, dined with Coz. Wm. Parry,my stomach very sick, went to a Tavern in the Evening & pd. 1s. 8d.Ir. for a quart of Claret pd. at the play house in Langford Street 2s. 8d2/1Ir.
28th.  The Wind W. very very cold dined at Coz. Parry, my Loosness quite stopped to day & stomach very well. pd. 5s.Ir for mending my Daughter's Watch 1s.8d.Ir.for wine. 13d to the barber.
29th.   The Wind W. very cold but dry, pd. 23s.Ir. for a Dozen knives & forks 8s.10dIr. for Drugs 2d for Ale.
30th.  The Wind N.W. very cold, but dry, a great hoar frost this morning as it was the 2 days before, went to Dunlary to shoot, no sport - cost me 2s. to day .
31st.  The Wind SW. cold raw weather, dined at Coz. Wm. Parry, and also supped there upon a Shoulder of Mutton rosted, and what they call there Coel Callen which is Cabbage boiled [Helen Ramage gives 'Boiled', but it could be either as there's a blot on the 'b' sw] Potatoes & parsnips, all this mixed together, they eat well enough, and it is a Dish always had in this Kingdom on this night.Apples, nuts Ale &c. after Supper.
Novr. 1st.  The Wind S.W. a rainy dirty day, tired my self in walking to Glasminiog for Mulberry trees I had bought there, but had them not afterwards, dined to day upon a rowl & cheese pd is. (1/-) & pd the Watchmaker 1.s.6d.Eng. for a pendant to my watch & 4s.Ir. for mendingit.

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