Novr. 2d  The Wind N.E. a calm fair day was at Peter's Church to day & dined at Coz. Parry. gave 2d Alms, walked in ye Green in ye Evening, & drank a quart of wine at a Tavern cost me 1s. 8d. Ir. 

3d.    ● 3 [this is written vertically immediately below '3d.' sw]

The Wind S.E. very cold & raw. went to Mr. Walker's Gardens at Mary bone & Killmainam, bought of him the following Trees which I had taken up & packed & sent on board the Cloxan,(Gabriel Jones of Llanbadrick & William Griffith of Kut Owners & Masters of the Sd Ship Cloxan of Cemaes Viz 12 English Elms, 12 apple Trees of Different kinds graffed on Paradice Stocks for Dwarf trees, 12 Paradise– Stocks. 12 yards of Dwarf Box for Edgings of borders, six Curran Trees of the White large kind for Walls, pd. 17s 5d Ir. for them, pd 6d for Ale to Walker's Servants. pd.16d. for Ale afterwards. pd David Wms. 10s. 6d. Engl.

4th.  The Wind S.E. very cold I gott a great cold yesterday,dined to day at Mr. Ben: Parry cost me at y Play-house in — Langford Street to see Tamarlane acted 5s Eng.
5th  The Wind SW. some Mizling rain in the Morning, as it did all last night. pd 7d. for Ale.
6th.  The Wind S.S.E the Air very thick & foggy all the Morning, dined at Co[s sw]. Parry as I did yesterday walked in the Green in ye Evening. pd. 1s. 8d Ir. for wine
7th.  The Wind S.S W a Dirty rainy day from first to last, spent to day 14d. Ir.
8th.  The Wind S.E fair & clear, dined at Coz. Parry, & Supped at Mr Rose, pd. to day 4d.
9th.  The Wind S.S.W. rainy, dirty weather all the Morning, dined to day at Mr. Rowlands, spent afterwards at Luffingham 6d.[2 sw]/1 &pd.David Wms. 20s Engl.
10th.  The Wind W.S W. fair & clear dined at Coz. Parry, spent 6d21 [there is a line under the 'd', and the 2 is above the 1 but with no line between them sw].

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