Caul-flower sowed — [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] August 7th.  The Wind W & by S. calm and raining very hard about 4 in the morning, and tho it made no rain from that time to i2 at noon, yet it was cloudy and dark and the Air thick and moist. but from 12 at noon till 10 at night ( if not all night ) it rained without intermission, and often very hard: Received to day a very afflicting Letter from my Daughter at Leghorn about the cruell conduct of her husband towards her ever since she went there, & the Art he makes use of to conceal it.
8th. The Wind W. in the morning, came to S. again before noon, blowing fresh and drying well all day, and made but very little rain & that on the fall of night . pd. 15s. composition money for Mault to the Excise Officers.
9th.  The Wind S. blowing high & raining very hard about 4 inthe morning; Sun shiny fair & drying well from that time till noon; but all ye Evening afterwards and most of the night it made almost continuall heavy rains ·
i0th.  2● [this is written vertically in the margin below 'i0th.' sw]  The Wind S. blowing high with excessive heavy rain from^i^ or 2 in the morning till near noon; the Evening in generall was dry & some Sun Shine, but I believe it rained hard afterwards in the night.
iith.  The Wind S. blowing very high and raining excessive hard from - 2 in the morning without any intermission till 8, the rest of the day was dry, but very windy & genereally Sun Shiny.
12th.  The Wind S. and blowing moderate, Sun shiny fair and dry all this day; Was to day at LLanerchymedd Signing the land & Light tax bills for the Hundred of Twrkelyn Jointly with my Brother — Lewis & Brother Robin Lewis, cost me there 1s. 10d. Pd. postage for Letters 2s.
13th.  The Wind S. very calm, Sun Shiny fair & dry allday — Met to day at Llanfechell to sign the Land & light tax Bills for Talybolion Jointly with the before mentioned Commissioners: Cost my there 9d. 
14th.  The Wind N. W. very calm, Sun shiny, warm, fair & dry all day– LLanerchymedd Fair to day proved very good, & a great many Cattle sold·
15th.  The Wind S. W. very calm, Sun shiny, fair, warm and dry all day: To Day I begun to reap, beginning with the Pinfold of Rye at Coydan: pd. Abraham Jones 6s. 4d2/1 for 20 pound —– weight & half of ordinary brown Sugar to put in 20 Gallons and half of Liquor designed to make Goosberry Vinegar.

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