July i5th.  The Wind N. blowing high & stormy & raining hard about 6 in the morning & very cold, all the rest of the day was dry, but nothing could be done in the hay: gave 6d. to the Bailif that brought me the land tax Act: Last Night my Grand Daughter Jane Wright came here from Leghorn and I must maintain her As her Father's effects (if he had any) are all disipated & wasted. 
i6th.  The Wind W. blowing moderate, some sun shine, but generally cloudy and dark, yet dry all this day:
i7th.  The Wind S.S. W.  blowing pretty fresh & raining about 6 in the morning, so that nothing was done in the hay this day.
i8th.  The Wind W. & by N. and raining a little in the morning, The day afterwds. was dry & my people were in the hay in the Evening.
i9th.  The Wind W. bordering on a calm, Sun shiny, fair, hot & dry all this day , & my people got together a good deal of hay into big Cocks: Pd. 3d. for fish.

20th. ❍[5 sw] [this is written vertically in the margin below '20th.' sw] 

The Wind N. W. blowing pretty fresh, some rain in the morning, but the Evening dry & my people in the hay.

21st.  The Wind N. E. blowing moderate, generally cloudy, but dry all _ this day, gave 6d. beveridge to Davies the quarryman working at the Parson's: Pd. is. [1/- sw] to Maharen bâch for fish .
22d.  The Wind  N. E. calm, sun shiny, very hot & sultry all this day. in these two last days I got together a great deal of hay: pd. 1s. for a Salmon . Paid Wm. Bevan 6s. for labouring work. 
23d.  The Wind W. & by S. calm & for the most part cloudy & dark, but dry and very sultry: The Curate priest preached on James– Chap: 4th. verse 8th.
24th.  The Wind variable all this day from E. in the morning to. N. & so to W, & S. by noon, and came to E. again by 4 in the Evening: was generally cloudy & dark this day, but hot & very sultry & dry all the day: gave 6d. to a lad that brought me a Salmon from Grace Mostyn
25th.  The Wind N. N. E. very calm, Sun shiny, hot & Sultry all this day also.
26th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh, cloudy, dark weather: Pd. D.Smith – a Scotch Pedlar iL. 12s. for things bought for Jane Wright. it rained from 2 a clock this Evening till 9 at night excessive hard.

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