Janr. 3d. The Wind W.N.W. cold & raw weather, the sky dark & lowring yet made no rain to day, pd. 5d. for Earthen ware, & 1s. for Turnips –
4th.  The Wind W. cold & sharp, & a pretty clear day - but the ground still very wet –
5th.  The Wind S.S.W. blowing fresh, a dull dark & cloudy day, The parson preached on Luke Ch. 2d. vers. 32
6th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh attended with a Misling rain, about 5 in the Evening it begun to rain hard, & rained terribly, all, or most part of the Night. I and my company [there is a + below the 'n' of 'company' sw] that I had invited were innocently Merry, without any great noise or disturbance in the house –lost2s. 6d. in (muming
7th.  The Wind W. blowing high & very cold, went to day to drink the parson of LLanelian's Ale, where I stayed all night it being dark & stormy, haveing a very unpleasant time of it. gave 6d to the lad -
8th.  The Wind changeing all day, in the Morning at E.S.E. snowing very fast, & before 8. it rained so hard, that in 3 hours time after, all ye Meadows, & Low lands were covered with water, I came home before 12 ye forenoon, and had much ado to come over Pont Hafod y Go, both ends being covered with – water, there was not one stone of Tay hên bridge to be seen, the wind came about 2 in the Evening to N.W. where it blew a meer hurricane till – night.
9th.  The Wind . W . blowing very cold & raw all day, made no rain this day –spent 6d. for ale -
10th.  The Wind S.E. blowing fresh & very cold, this day a Vestry was held in Llanfechell Church (sumoned [there is a mark like a cup above the 'm' sw] by the Parson at the  ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] request of the Churchwardens the first day of this Month) to consider what tax was sufficient to make up the Mood over the Chancell &c. which had been warmly opposed in words some days before by Caerdegog people, particularly Wm. Hughes of Wylfa Watkin ab Wm. Watkin & Humphrey Mostyn, & had to that End appeared there all to a man there being (I believe) not above 3 of that Township wanting which did not come there with the intent of opposeing the makeing of the Mood, but I haveing notice of their design secured all I could in LLawr y Llan Township, who all appeared there in such a Number, that they did not think fit to open their –


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