July 12th.  The Wind S. blowing high, but very hot and Sultry, received a Letter to day from Lewis Trysclwyn. much of the same import with his Brother's Letter, onely more moderate & civiler, God forgive my Son his Negligence; what the con – -sequence of this may be to me God onely knows,: [this colon is directly above the comma sw] The Parson set the Upper Parcell of Caerdegog (that is all that part of the parish South of the High<way> leading to Cafnan) for three years to Henry Jones of Bwlch & Thomas Edwards of Cae mawr for 20L. a year the 2 first years, & 18L. the third year. I have people all this week scowring the River, that fences Cae'r LLoriau in Coydan to the E. & S.E. & makeing there a good Hedge, which considering the vast number of Big Stones in the Bottom & in the Bank, seems never to have been scowred so before, all which were taken up, & put in the Hedge , pd. 3d to day for Ale.
13th.  The Wind S. blowing all day a meer storm, yet sultry & scorching, my people still at the Same work, fencing, & carrying home the Turf, & others in the hay—The Old – black Mare of Bridin brought forth a Filly marked in the Face❊ [this symbol is in the margin, opposite this line sw] like her Self. The Dapple Gray Mare of Bridin foaled a Filly likewise the same day with a White Starr in the face, & much larger & stronger than ye other.
14th.  The Wind W. moderately calm and Warm, Went to day to LLan- -erchymedd with an intent thoughts to write to Maurice Lewis for a weeks forbearance, but haveing come there, was informed by Lewis Trysclwyn that my Son had come to London the 9th. And pd. the money the next day, which was a great ease to my troubled thoughts. this day being a great Horse fair at LLanerchymedd to buy Horses for Mould Fair, there was a great many Horses exposed to Sale, but all in a manner very ordinary Beasts & sold at a  poor rate, The Market for Corn much the same all the Sumer [there is a line over the 'm' sw] spent there 10d. & was at Home by 6 a clock - pd. 6d. to Parry ye Chimney Sweeper that lives in Dublin for sweeping the Hall Chimney 

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