March 18th.  The Wind N. snowing long before day, & with very little intermission till 2 in the Evening, in the Morning  

¶ [this symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw] it hailed onely, about noon came down feathered snow for 2 hours but did not stand long, was all <was> melted by night. A Little – after 8 this night an unusall Phenomenon appeared in the Air <the Moon being 20 days old.>. One Quarter of the Hemisphere from E.S.E. to S.W. was of a bright Crimson or rather Scarlet coulor almost from the Horizon to the Zenith, which being mostly concealed by very black, thick clouds looked very frightfull, & could not be seen but in the interspaces where there were no clouds – there it appeared of a bright shining Red; about half an hour after 8 an Aurora Borealis (or Northern dawn that generally appeared at other times in the North onely) darted its White flameing Rays in E.S.E. & so to S.W. thro the black thick – clouds and thro this Crimson-coloured sky, which made a very beautifull variegated colour, and before 9 a clock both the Aurora Borealis & the Red Colour were all Vanished, & that quarter of <the> Sky very clear.

19th.  The Wind N. very cold haveing snowed a great deal before day, & by the morning the ground was covered with it, & had– frozen very hard besides, the Sun shone clear all the Morning but when it snowed, which it did 2 or 3 times for a short time. my people employed to day in Carrying Dung to the Potatoe – Garden at Brynnie Duon.
20th.  The Wind N. very calm, sun shiny & warm, notwithstanding there lies on the ground Snow 5 or 6 inches deep which fell — sometime before day; the Evening cold, dark & cloudy attended with heavy showers of Sleet, which by night melted most of the Snow.
21st.  The Wind N.W. very cold, raw weather all the Morning & till 5 in the Evening, then it grew moderately warm & pleasant, a very poor Market at LLanerchymedd, very little Corn & less asking for it, delivered my Daughter 3s. 6d. to buy Cloath for ye little Girl, pd. 6d. for White herrings. 4 a penny.

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