March 12th. The Wind N. blowing fresh & very cold, but the Air clear & serene, and a thick frost on the water this morning – my <Servants> at the same work of plowing, & harrowing Oats;
13th.  The Wind N. blowing high and excessive cold, but dry all day, had to day an account of the Villanous design of Mr ———— upon his wife in a Letter he wrote to Mr. Lewis Morris –

14th. 6 ❍ [this is written in the margin immediately below '14th.' sw]

The Wind N.W. blowing fresh and very cold, delivered into the hands of Mr. Lewis Morris 4L. 9s. to be transmitted to Mr. Wm. Parry of Dublin, 4s. 6d. I allowed the Tenant of Pyllcrach for — Timber to be put in his house, & 6s. 6d. to the Tenant of Gwenithfryn for timber to make a new Barn . pd 3s. 1d.2/1 for a quarter of pork.

15th. The Wind N.N.E. very cold and raw & blowing fresh, haveing snow'd a great deal last <night> the ground being covered with it this morning, my people are forced to leave off harrowing and plowing, are employed in digging and carrying Gorse into the new ditches of Cae Sgubor bach; The Gardiner dunging and digging the Gardens and makeing a hot Bed.
16th.  The Wind N. blowing high and excessive cold; all the morning in a manner it hailed, and about 2 in the Evening it brought down feathered Snow in such abundance that in an hour's time it quite covered the Earth, but it melted all off afterwards by night: pd. 3s. for Butcher's meat (Viz ) a quarter of Veal 1s. a quarter of Wether Goat 1s. and for a Quarter of mutton 1s. pd likewise 1s. 1d.2/1 for 9 small Chickens.

17th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & cold with some hail, my Servants to day & yesterday employed, some in threshing of hay for ye Seed and others carrying home Gors. Last thursday the 15th Instant 

# [this hash symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw]

dyed the Ld. Bulkeley at Barn - hill without any Issue, haveing marryed Jane Daughter & heir to Lewis Owen of Peniarth in Co[m sw] [there is a line over this letter sw]. Merioneth who has a Joynture out of the Estate of 800L. pr. Anň. & is to have it made up 1400L. pr. Annum after the death of Lady Dowager Bulkeley the late Ld.'s Mother who has 1400L. Joynture his Brother who succeeds to the Title & Estate under these Incumbrances has likewise ( they say ) a debt of 40000L. to pay —

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