April 19th.  The Wind S.W. blowing pretty fresh, cold & raw weather, & much colder than when it blew from N.E. and all the day was cloudy & dark, yet it continued dry all this day .
20th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing pretty fresh with some Sun shine, cold raw weather all day, especially till 3 in the Evening, but continued dry all day: paid the Collector of the land tax for LLanddeusant 28s. 8d. being the 2 first quarterly pay ments from lady day to last Michaelmas for Cnewchdernog then in my holding.
2ist.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold scorching much & blasting the fruit Trees, and was generally cloudy & dark, yet it did not make any rain: My people are these three last days sowing Barley at Coydan: Pd. Mr. William Broadhead of Tre'r Go 3 pounds 18s. 6d. which he had returned for me to London to pay Mr. Wm. Travers.
22d.  The Wind E. cloudy, and dark; blowing fresh & very cold & scorching about 3 in the Evening I set out for LLysdulas in my way to the Sessions which begun at Beaumares yesterday: & came there about 5.
23d  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold; Set out from LLysdulas for Beaumares about 3 in the Evening & arrived there about 7. Pd. 3sthis night at my lodging.
24th.  The Wind S. cloudy & dark with a mizling rain all the morn- ing till near 9; a great deal of Snow fell on Carnarvanshire Mountains last night, which made the Wind(that blew from that quarter)very cold: Pd. at my lodging for meat & drink 1s. 4d. & pd. 6d. in the Evening at Will yr An[ge sw]u's house, where Severall of us met to drink his fine Ale: finished the Quarter Sessions this Evening, & gave the Cryer 6d.
25th. 1● [this is written vertically in the margin below '25th.' sw] The Wind S. W. and very moderate, Sun Shiny & fair: The Grand Jury that was sworn in the morning Court yesterday were discharged in the Evening Court the same day : discharged my reckoning at my lodging where I paid for meat & drink 1s. 6d. Pd. the Barber for shaveing 1s. for a wig i4s. Pd. for my Man's meat & drink 4s. 6d. for the horses 2s. gave in the house 1s. to the poor 2d. Set out about half an hour past 4 from Beaumares, & was at LLysdulas before 8: we had a great deal of mizling rain all the time we rode on Red Wharf sands, and were Sufficiently wetted, but left of raining before night ·

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