January 31st.  The Wind S.S.W. calm Sun Shiny fair & warm all day– the great number of people that coughed to day in Church was so disagreeable & loud that the Priest could not well be heard.
February ist.  The Wind S.S.W. calm, but cloudy & overcast, yet warm & fair– Gave my Son five pounds to bear his expences to London, to which place he Set out this day to sollicit a troublesom affair of Mr. Wright with the Turky Company, occasioned by his takeing a French Ship whose Cargoe the Turks pretended was theirs, & therefore they Seized on the Company's Effects to Answer the Damages: how this will end, God alone knows: but the poor Man who ventured his life in cruising upon & fighting his Countrey's Enemies– now lies confined at Leghorn for the Same . pd 1d. for Liquorice Root.
2d.  The Wind E. not high, yet very cold with a great hoar frost this morn- –ing, but Sun Shiny & fair all day: They have found at Carrog a Paper writeing purporting to be the last Will of Richard Williams but without Date, & neither Signed, Sealed nor attested: in this he gives his real Estate to Mr. Pierce Meyrick, & leaves Hugh Roberts of Holy head & his Daughter Joint Executors, but querd.whether it is valid as to the personal Estate

3d. 0 ❍ [this is written in the margin immediately below '3d.' sw] 

The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold, haveing freez'd hard last night with a great hoar frost this morning all the day was Sun Shine and fair; about 2 I set out on foot to the burying of Mr. Richard Wms. of Carrog – they took up the Corps about half an hour after 2 & it was half an – hour after 4 when they came from Church: I gave 1s. to the Priest, & 6d. to the Sexton, pd. also 3d. for Ale at Cemaes hall ·

4th.  The Wind E. calm, Sun Shiny & very fair, but freezed hard last night, and the greatest hoar frost this morning that ever I do remember to have seen, which was not melted till ii a clock tho the Sun Shined very hot all the morning ; continued to freeze all this day and all night; gave the Priest 1s. & the Sexton 6d. at ye burying of Michael Peters a Child of Cousin Grace Mostyn at LLanfechell.
5th.  The Wind E. very calm, Sun shiny & fair all day, a thick frost to day on the water, and a hoar frost exceeding any I ever saw, the boughs of the Trees hanging down with the weight of it as if under a Snow. To day they finished takeing an Inventory & appraising the Goods, Cattle and Chattels of the late Mr. Richard Wms. of Carrog which amounted to 246 pounds & odd shillings.
6th.  The Wind E. very calm, Sun Shiny, fair & warm all day, but freezed hard last night, and a great hoar frost this morning: The Distemper continues still very violent all over the Countrey & people die of it very fast, & often – suddenly: My people were hedging at Cae'r Iarlles ye beginning of the week in wch. I intended to plant haw thorn quick, that field being designed for a Pinfold next Summer, these three last days they were plowing ·

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