January 20th.  The Wind S. S.E. blowing fresh, cloudy, dark and overcast, very cold and raw weather, and continued so all day—- and more so in the Evening, yet made no rain.
2ist  The Wind S. blowing fresh, cloudy and dark and exceeding cold all day,yet made no rain till the fall of night, and then but little, but from 9 out I believe it rained continually without intermitting.
22d.  The Wind  S.  calm and raining from the earliest hour till about 9. when the Wind came to N.E. where it continued the rest of the day &without rain, but cloudy and overcast . Sowed Peas & Beans for the first time this year
23d.  The Wind E . moderately calm, Sun shiny, clear & fair, but cold all day; made some frost this morning before day, and a very thick hoar frost: My – people are all this week fallowing for Barley; My poor Mother(whom I pray – God to restore to her health) has been these 9 days very bad of a grievious cough – and I my Self have been afflicted with it these 4 days & most of my family– and also some of the labouring Servants, insomuch that a man plows by the day instead of one of my Servants-I have tryed Garlick my self & Mother also which never before failed to cure, but now all in vain: it seems to be Epidem– –icall, most families in this County & the next haveing been visited with it .
24th.  The Wind E. and not much of it. Sun shiny, clear and fair all day,but cold & chilly; the night calm and light, and freezing.
25th.  The Wind E.S.E. calm, Sun Shiny, clear & fair all day; a pretty thick frost this morning & a very great hoar frost. yet the ground in good order for plowing or digging .
26th.  The Wind E. & by S. very calm, fair and Sun Shiny all day,and afrost this morning & a great hoar frost like yesterday: My Mother(I thank God) is something better with her cold; & my cold I think increases.
27th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and very cold, and generally cloudy and – overcast all day; it brought down some few grains of snow about noon but soon left off· pd. 1d. for Tobbacco. 
28th.  The Wind E & by S. blowing fresh & very cold raw weather; some time before day it brought down a great deal of snow,& continued snowing till 8 when it turned into a wet sleet which by noon had melted all the Snow: The weather is exceeding cold, which not – withstanding, abundance of people in all parts of the Countrey are sick with fevers, Pleurisies, loosness, Small pox, & hooping colds, with some of which, a great many people dye already.
29th.  The Wind S. W. blowing fresh, sun shiny, fair and warm all day, I paid Thomas Wm. Thomas the Taylor 2s. 6d. for makeing me a Coat & Breaches [Nesta Evans gives 'Breeches' sw].
30th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, dark Air and cold in the morning; but the Evening warmer & pleasanter; About 2 this Evening Dyed Mr. Richard Wms. of Carrog intestate & in his Chair & before he could have his will drawn for which purpose he had sent for John Evans Bwllen, who had Just begun it.

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