June 26th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy and dark . — weather all day, yet made no rain : Paid Richd. John David is. [1/- sw] for Drying Malt:  I had a very bad night all· this night almost.
27th.  The Wind S. and very little of it, very warm & sultry all day and raining hard in the morning: Iam all this day very sick ·

28th.    0 ❍ [this is written vertically in the margin below '28th.' sw]   

The Wind S. and very little of it all the morning , but Sun shiny fair and warm; about 6 in the Evening it grew cloudy and dark and blew pretty fresh the rest of the day: I do not find my self so sick to day as yesterday but this week's Suffering from this distem – per has weakened me more than three months before : My people did divide their work this week betwixt carrying the Gors from Rhydgroes and carrying the Dung from about the Tythe Barn to ferem .

29th.  The Wind S. S. E. and little of it , some sun shine, but generally cloudy and dark and made some rain this day also.
30th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, and generally cloudy & dark & made– some rain this day likewise in the Evening .
July ist.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy and dark weather all this day also, but yet made no rain: Paid Cousin Humphrey Mostyn's Shop bill being 8L. 5s. and Delivered his wife 8L. 4s. to pay Mrs. Whitfield's bill in Chester Fair : & delivered her likewise i6s. to buy a Gown for Jane Wright.
2d.  The Wind  S. and little of it, and raining more or less almost all this day: Accounts to day with Mr. Jones the Curate for Lactuals_ ❚zzzz❚zzzz, Sermons &c. and paid him the ballance being 20s.
3d.  The Wind -E. and very little of it, cloudy & overcast all day, and made some rain about 2 in the Evening : To Day I paid the Parson for LLawr y lLan Tythe being 24 L. and accounted with him for the Glebe quillets in my holding these 2 years last part being i8s. a year as likewise the Easter dues for two years , so that all accounts are fully settled betwixt him and me to this day:  I took of him the Tythe of llawr y llan for this year also for 25L. & gave him is. [1/- sw] earnest·
4th.  The Wind S. S. E. calm, and frequently cloudy & dark weather, but some Sun shine in the Evening :  Paid to Day for Butcher's meat 3s. 4d. My Daughter's three Daughters from Liverpool came hither to day namely Mary, Martha & Susan Wright.
5th.  The Wind S. S· E. very calm and Sultry; and close, cloudy and dark weather all day , yet it made no rain.


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