May 31st.  The Wind S. very warm and Sultry all day, made a small shower about noon, but soon over. 
June ist. The Wind N.E very calm in the morning , and a little breez in the Evening, tho very hot all day. gave 1s. to ye Servant at LLysdulas, and arrived home about 2 in good health praised be God for it . about 8 in ye Evening it made same showers of small, warm rain for about an hour.

2d.   10● [this is written in the margin below '2d.' sw]  

The Wind S. dark and cloudy, but calm and warm; about 8 in ye morning it begun to rain which continued for an hour, made severall small showers afterwards.

3d.  The Wind N.W. very calm and warm with a foggy Mist in the morning till 10. which was moist and dewy all the time it continued; the Evening very hot and sultry. The Market to day at LLanerchmedd very high, Barley from 40s to 42s a pegget, & Rye and Pilcorn at 3L. a pegget.
4th.  The Wind S.S.W. calm in the morning, with a great fog, but no dew; The Evening cloudy and cold .
5th.  The Wind S.W. dark and cloudy, and something cold; The Evening sun shiny, hot and Sultry; My people all this week are spreading the Turf and peat to dry, and dis= chargeing Sand boats at Cemaes.
6th.  The Wind S.S.W. Sun shiny hot & Sultry all day, but cooled and darkened a lîttle before night.
7th  The Wind W. in ye Morning, but settled in theS. before night; made a great shower of rain about 2 in ye morning, and the rest of the day afterwards was sultry and hot. The Parson preached on James. Chap. 5th. vers. 12th. agst. swearing


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