March 26th.  The Wind N. cold & dry, but very fair and serene, a very great congregation at LLanfechell Church tho there was no sermon.
27th.  The Wind N. cold dry weather, but sun-shiny & fair, my people on the farm at the Same work, & the lad in the Garden cleanses the borders, the blazeing lights in the North were very great this Night.
28th.  The Wind S. dark & cloudy, & very high winds & stormy about 4 in the Evening it begun to rain, & rained - more or less ( and sometimes very hard)till 10 at night. [a small line or tick high on this line follows the full stop sw] what it did afterwards I do not know. pd. Owen Williams the Glazier's Bill which was 2L. 5s.6d. for glazeing & painting . planted to day a row of Artichoaks in the New– Kitchen–Garden.

29th.  The wind S. a dirty rainy morning till 9, dry the rest of the day, tho dark & cloudy ; gave the Parson 1s. & to the clerk 6d by way of an offering at the buriall of Margarett Evans the Daughter of Margarett Wms. of Carrog & of Evan Roberts ab Robert Owen of Cemlyn Carpenter, an Infant of 12 year old .haveing lost her — Father & mother & maintained by her Grandmother & Unkle <Mr Richard Wms who> & being desirous to bury her in this Church in the Comon [there is a sinuous line / tick over the 'm' sw], he gave it under his hand before wittnesses, wch 

☞ [this symbol is written in the margin opposite this line sw] is writt in a Leaf of the Church acct. Book that he buryed her there by Leave; he also asked my leave to carry her thro Ferem, but because he would not give it under his hand, he carryed her about thro Cors y Cilfaes to ye high way & so to Church: Some of persons following the Corps were Mr. Bulkeley ye Parson: Robt Pugh Curate of LLanbadrick . Wm. Davies my Man: John Wm. Watkin of Peibron; Roger Hughes ye Sexton. Hugh Owen of Pen y Bont, Gabriel Jones ye Elder & younger, Ab. Jones. Jane Owen; Grace Mostyn, Owen John Rowland: Humphrey Thomas, Weaver. Samuel Jones of Gwenithfry [there is a line over the 'y' sw] &c.

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