March 30th.  The Wind S. calm, warm and cloudy in the Morning, about noon it begun to blow cold, & rained from 12 at noon to 6. to day I finished harrowing the Oat – ground about 2 a clock, I have 3 days plowing of ground for barley, but could not sow it this Evening for the rain: sowed beans to day for a third time, & planted some more Cabbage.
3ist.  The Wind N. fair, dry & Sun-shiny, I have 2 plows to day a plowing for barley, & 4 harrows at work to harrow what hath been plowed 3 or 4 days ago; a large Market to day at LLanfechell, & a great deal of Meat, but very poor, considering it is the Markett next before Easter, pd. 9d. for Garden seeds.
April: ist.  The Wind W. cloudy and cold all day, this being Easter Even, there were but 70 comunicants: [there is a line over the 'm' sw] a very great con - gregation in the Evening service, & the Parson spent above 2 hours in expounding, or rather confounding ye Cathecism which being originally misterious, if not in many places absurd; I think he made it ten times worse .
2d.  The Wind W. dark & cold in the Morning, the rest of the day–  clear & fair, there were no more than i55 comunicants today & I can remember within these 10 years 220 .the Church was full in the Evening & the Parson preached on 1. Cor: Chap. 15. & vers.20th. pd. 4d for Ale after Evening Prayer – 

3d. The Wind W. & by S. dark & cold in the morning, Sent a man & Horses to Holy-head to fetch home my Daughter & her – husband, gave at Roger Hughes the Sexton's ale 1s after 

[this symbol is in the margin opposite this line sw]

Evening Prayer, about sunset to day My Daughter & her Husband came here from Holy head.

4th.  The Wind S.W. high & stormy and dark cloudy weather all day, but made no rain till night when it rained very hard.

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