January ist.  i752.  The Wind N.E. and blowing fresh and very cold raw weather all day and generally cloudy and dark; gave Sidney Morris my house Maid 5s. New year's gift & is. [1/- sw] to Owen Warmingham for comeing to see a Sick Cow, which is since dead . gave Mrs. Jane Hughes that had been long heresewing i guinea, & half Guinea to her Mother; Paid her likewise 16s. 6d. for cloath for H.’Bwilliam Gabriel·
2d.  The Wind N. E. calm, cloudy, dark and cold raw weather, yet dry– all day: Supped to night at the Priest's, being importuned by him to take a glass of his ale in the Evening, tho sore against my Will – about 5 in the ,Evening word was brought him to come to William Davies who was then near expireing, he went there, and haveing read to him, and scarce finished the recomendatory Prayer, but he dyed a little before 6 . This honest good man had lived in my house and Service upwards of 32 years, always found him strictly honest and faithfull, was always sober, carefull & extream temperate,yet was frequently sickly and subject to fevers, was much given to give credit to dreams, & I believe this last sickness was entirely oweing to it; he always rented lands, in the beginning.he rented Dym[chwe sw] – onely, but this last 17 or i8_years he rented the whole farm of Tai hên, which he greatly improved by Sanding, fenceing & hay Seed, & some years Since he made a bargain with his Father for Bodelwyn which he greatly improved both in the farm and house, God had so visibly blessed what he had, that he was very rich when he dyed; but I shall take occasion to mention that, I hope, in anotherplace, gave the Priest's Servant that lighted me home 6d.
3d·.  The Wind N. E. very calm & not cold, and made a good deal of Sun shine this day,and freezed at the beginning of night,pd.6d.for fish.
4th.  The Wind W. very calm, cloudy & dark weather, cold & raw all – day, & made some mizling rain in the Evening : My people this week are plowing fresh ground at ferem.
5th.  ●2 [this is written vertically in the margin below '5th.' sw] The Wind W. very calm , and very dark cloudy weather, with a thick moist, cold air all day: abundance of people dye all over the Countrey, tho blessed be God not one in ten that have beensick
6th.  The Wind S.W. blowing very moderate, but very dark, close,cloudy weather all day: gave the Priest at William Davies's burying 2s.6d. & is. [1/- sw] to the Sexton, & gave Anne Wright the Same Sum [there is a cup-shaped line over the 'm' sw] to give the same persons.
7th.  The WindS.W. blowing very moderate with a mizling rain & very dark weather all the morning till near ii– the rest of the day almost, was dry with some sun shine about 2 in the Evening.

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