April 11th.  The Wind changeing from one place to another almost all day, & such was the variety of warmth & cold, very cold in the morning, The Wind S.E. very warm about 10 The Wind in W & by N . cold and cloudy again in the Evening & the Wind had come to S.W. & begun to rain about 4 & continued to rain & sometimes very hard till 10 at night, Sent by William Davies 5L. to LLanerchymedd to be pd. Robert Prichard the Tanner of Pwllhely to be delivered Mrs. Lucy Wynn in full interest for 100L. to ye 28th. of February last.

12th.    ❍ 5. [this is written vertically immediately below '12th.' sw]

The Wind N.W. in the Morning, came to S.W. in the Evening, – moderately Warm & sun-shiny all day, This Day Nancy Wright my Grand-Daughter went home with her Nurse, gave the Nurse at parting 10s. 6d. her Mother & her Maid <[went sw]> to bring her some part of the way.

13th.  The Wind W & by N. cold, chilly & scorching weather– the <fields> ground look dismally, no appearance of the least growing of grass, but everything scorched & burnt up. pd. to the Churchwardens of LLanfechell 11s. 9d. Church mize for my Demesn Lands in my own holding. All ye buisness the two Drones of Church-Wardens,(which are Richard Owen of N[ê sw]f, & Richard Roberts of Cerrig Mân ) have done for this whole Twelve month have been to collect this mize, with which – money they intend to build up <thro [t sw]ime> & raise higher the Church yard wall to make it a convenient close for the Priest to turn in his Horses, sheep &c. a very indecent thing I·'m Sure, & ye claim– grounded upon neither reason nor Justice, but on a Custom yt prevailed in the Tyrannicall times of Popery when ye Priest were Lords Paramount; that the Dormitories of Dead Christians should at ye Charge of the Parish be converted walled in on purpose to be con= -verted into a Park for the Priest's use.

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