April 14th.  The Wind N. blowing fresh, and very cold and scorching – my people all this week at the same work of plowing for and sowing Barley, tho the ground I now plow is both wet & cold, & should long — rains. soon ensue, would be worth but little, but haveing a great of unfi<ni>shed, & haveing done all my dry ground, I must keep to it to see if I can finish by May. saw a great flight of Fieldfares to day.
15th.  The Wind N. & by W. in the morning calm & warm, but dark & cloudy, about noon it became very cold, & the wind came to E. about 3 it begun to rain a soft warm rain, which continued till near 7. The Parson preached on i.Cor.Chap 11. & verses 27.& 28th. a poor, mean discourse, & ye same yt he had done a great many times before. he kept the Congregation Severall hours at Evening Prayer in endeavouring to explain ye Catechism, which he made ten times darker & more unintelligible than it was.
16th.  The Wind E. & by N. a calm, warm sun-shiny day, but wet & slabby,so that tho my Servants plow for Barley at Bryn_clynni, tis too wet to harrow.
17th.  The Wind S.W. a Sun-shiny warm dry day from first to last, my people both plow & harrow Barley ground this day.
18th.  The Wind S. something windy & cold, especially in the Morning; in ye Evening warmer, cloudy & some rain, To Day I saw the first Swallow this year; saw likewise a Marten, which bird all other years appeared usually a week or 9 days after the Swallows.
19th.  The Wind S.W.warm & pleasant with a fine dew in the Morning; the the Evening much colder, & the Wind settled nearer the West.
20th.  The Wind. E. something high, cold & scorching all day, Very poor meat at LLanfechell Markett, to day I first heard the Cuccow, pd 1d.2/1 for Ale .
21st.  The Wind N.E. dark & cloudy in the Morning, blowing high, & very cold, scorching & blasting every thing that escaped ye N.W. Winds about a fortnight ago, the grass in these parts looks very poor to feed Cattle that are to be turned to it in a little more that a weeks time; upwards of 70 persons received ye Sacrament to day, and the Parson said that he had computed above 80 Marriages at this time in LLanfechell Parish.

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