July 2ist.  The Wind S. blowing very moderate, cloudy dark weather and a thick moist Air and warm all day; about 6 in ye Evening it made some mizling rain : The Priest preached on 2:Tim: Chap 2d. verse ist. Tho the whole bent of his preachment was – intended to exhort his Auditors to improve in Grace, he did not so much as endeavour to explain the word Grace to them, wch. without explaining to them the signification of the word, was the same thing as if he talked to them in Arabick, for I dare affirm not one in the whole house knew what it meant, and I much question whether he knew himself, or else sure he would have given his hearers some Notion of it: he endeavoured indeed to lay down the Means – that should be used in order to improve in Grace which he did very confusedly and dark in 5 or 6 Instances these he described so obscurely and perplexed that I protest, tho I gave all ye Attention that I could, yet I could hear nothing that could convey the least Idea of what he first set out with, namely the word Grace.
22d.  cauly flower sowed [this is written in the margin under '22d.' sw] The Wind S. blowing very fresh, cloudy . dark weather, the Air very moist yet did not make any down right rain all day, but was so unpromising that few ventured to do any thing in the hay.
23d  The Wind S. blowing fresh all day, especially all the Evening it blew hard, was generally Sun shiny, except from 9 to ii it was dark and brought down a shower of rain, all the rest of the day was fair and dry: Paid Owen Hughes, or Owen ab Huw ’Prichard David the Taylor 6s. for makeing me a Sute of cloaths.
24th.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh and hot, and generally Sun shiny all day and a good day in the hay : Paid 7s. for ^a^ [L sw]oaf of  Single refined sugar quantity 8 pound at the rate of 10d. 2/1 a pound: Very dear to what it was 6 or 7 years ago.
25th.  The Wind S. blowing very fresh and hot, raining hard in ye morning about 7, the rest of the day was dry & generally Sun shiny : The Fair at LLanfechell was as usuall pretty well stocked with the Countrey Manufactures, as cloath woolen & linnen, hats shooes, stockings, Gloves &c with numbers of Pedlars, some smiths selling Kitching furniture for Ordinary houses: pd. 10d. for a quarter of Veal: & 10s. to Servants as wages.
26th.  The Wind S. calm, sunshiny and fair most part of the morning; the Evening cloudy and dark,and made some rain about 7, but very little
27th.  4❍ [this is written vertically to the right of '27th.'sw] The Wind N. E. cloudy & dark with some little dew-like rain about 7, but made no more, but it looked so like to make a great deal that it frightened my people from carrying in the hay, haveing intended to begin to day to make the hay into stacks.

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