June 30th.  The Wind E. calm, dark & Cloudy, but very Sultry, my – people still at the Same work, to day I have people at work in clearing the water-course of Ffynon Trinculo in Coydan, from the Said Well to the Bridge , Subscribed to a Proposall of One ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw] Mr. Lewis a Painter from Shrewsbury for 12 of the most Beautifull Prospects in Northwales, to be delivered by the first of May Next, the money to be pd. is One Guinea and half. pd. 1s. for a quarter of Mutton, gave in charity 1s. to a man that had Suffered by fire.
July ist.  The Wind E. dark & cloudy in the Morning, about 9 it – cleared up, was hot & Sultry the rest of the day, my people still at ffynon Trinculo in the Morning, and in the hay in the Evening, I have 4 mowing every day constantly –
2d.  The Wind E. Dark cloudy weather & very sultry, about 3 in the Evening it begun to rain, and rained from that time – without intermission all the rest of the Evening and all Night, a very poor market to day at LLanvechell.
3d.  The Wind E. & N.E. a very cold rainy morning till 10. or 11. there fell such heavy cold rains 2 or 3 hours before Day, that  # [this symbol is written in the margin, opposite this line sw] it killed all my young Turkies that were 3 months old, killed the young [? sw] Hawks in the Nest that were ready to fly. & filled all the high Ways with Water. pd 3d for Ale .
4th.  The Wind N. N. W, cloudy & cold, but dry, the Parson preached on ye Same Text as this day fortnight. lent Owen Ellis. ats. Bel[l sw] & Dragon 3s to buy him a Scythe: thinking to engage Ell[e sw]n [Nesta Evans has 'Ellin' sw] Wms. the Daughter of Wm. Mathew to hire here next Winter as Chambermaid, her Mother told me with her usuall front that if Mrs. Wynne of Bodewryd had not occasion for her, I should have her, Shall not I reqiut[o sw] [Nesta Evans gives 'requite' sw] them for their Saucyness, I. to whom they owe that they have bread in their mouths—

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