December 26th.  The Wind E. & by N. and very moderate, Sun – shiny and fair, but cold with a hoar frost this morning, and a pretty hard frost; The Evening cloudy andovercast, but made no rain, but thawed gently. Paid 6d. for a Bithern to ye woman of LL-dd[? sw].
27th.  The Wind ·E. blowing fresh and cold, cloudy and dark, yet it did not freeze last night; the Evening was high Winds & the night stormy. 
28th.  The Wind E. blowing very high and stormy, especially before day,& exceeding cold, yet there was no frost; and continued so all day & night gave 6d. to the Post boy of LLanerchmedd· & pd. & distributed among 6 poor people of Llanbadrick 6s. 8d. pursuant to ye will of Mr. Richard Gwyn of Rhydgroes.
29th.  The Wind E. blowing high, cloudy & dark, and exceeding cold, yet there was but little frost on the water this Morning: To make up Mr. Roberts of Bodiar's Interest money upon a Mortgage of Bodneva, I laid out of my own money to make up the Sum [there is a cup-shaped line over the 'm' sw] of 20 pound, & delivered them to Mr. Bulkeley the Parson to pay him, I say I laid out of my own money 6 pound ii shillings and gave 1s. to the Parson's Servant where Ispent ye Evening & most of ye [N sw]ight.
30th.  The Wïnd E. blowing high, exceeding cold & freezing: I Set out about 2 in the Evening for LLysdulas where I arrived before night very cold.
31st.  The Wind E. blowing fresh and exceeding cold all day, so that I could not stir from the Chimney Corner All this day.
January ist.  The Wind E blowing fresh and very cold, haveing freezed hard – last night, yet was Sun shiny fair and pleasant: This being a day of invitation at LLysdulas, The Company sat together all day, and most part of the night·
2d.  The Wind E. & by N· and very moderate, the Air not cold and seemed to thaw a little in the Sun, notwithstanding the ground was very hard.
3d.  The Wind N. & moderately calm, and gently thawing all this day with some little rain on the fall of night.

4th.   m 5 [this is in the margin below '4th.' sw]  

The Wind W. & by N. very calm Sun shiny and fair generally all day, but a great hoar frost this morning ; Gave my Son 7s. 6d. to go to Holy head to the Christening of Will. Morris's boy. after dinner I Set out for home haveing givenamongst the Servant 6s. and was at home by 5 at night.

5th.  The Wind W. & moderate, but very cold and raw all day, & made some rain in the night.
6th.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh and very cold, but continued dry all day; This Day was set apart for the entertaining of relations and Neighbours , as it used to be every year, and wesat up- till 3 in the morning .
7th.  The Wind N. W. blowing fresh & something cold, cloudy & dark for the most part of the day & dry, attempted to make some little rain in the morning, but was soon over.

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