October i7th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh & very cold with frost on the water this morning and a great hoar frost on the ground; all the day was sun shiny and dry: Paid iL.  i9s. 5d. for the Parson being one half of his tax for the Tythe & windows; and Pd. Wm. Bevan 6s. for labouring work.
i8th  The Wind E. blowing high and very cold all this day also, cloudy & dark – weather and very dry·
i9th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh,sun shiny, yet cold and very dry: They take abundance of Herrings in all these Coasts for these last 4 or 5 days.
20th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh, Sun shiny & very dry this day also, and very cold.
2ist.  The Wind E. & by N. very calm, cloudy & dark weather & very cold for most part of this day also: My people all this week were employed betwixt finishing the fern stacks & thatching them and carrying home Gors, and securing the Corn & hay stacks with ropes .
22d.  The Wind E. calm  & for the most part cloudy & dark & made a small shower of rain in the morning & another smaller in the Evening; The Curate Priest preached on Ps: 96 . & verse 9th.
23d.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & very cold, & generally Sun Shiny and dry all the day: Aberffraw Fair to day proved a very good one.
24th.  The Wind E. calm, cloudy & dark all this day with some rain about noon: To Day I begun to sow my Rye Pinfold at Coydan.
25th.  The Wind N. very calm, sun shiny & pleasant all the morning till near ii when it grew overcast & dark & begun to rain a small rain about noon which lasted till 3 a clock·
26th.  The Wind E. N. E. calm with some sun shine, but generally cloudy & dark & made some little rain this day: 
27th.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing very high, & generally sun shiny & dry all this day; Paid Rhŷs Bentir 4s. for a Side of Mutton .
28th.  The Wind S. blowîng high & stormy with a driveing rain all the morning: but the Evening was dry: To Day I begun to sow wheat: Pd. 6d. for nuts .
29th.  The Wind S. blowing very high cloudy & dark, & rained hard about i in the Evening: The Curate Priest preached on Psal. ii9th. verse 59 .
30th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, cloudy & dark & raining frequently very hard this day also.

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