January 12th.  The Wind S. with a dirty Mizling Rain most part of the Day. The Markett at LLanerchymedd – alias LL[u sw]nnerchymeddwon, alias LLannerch y Mwd very slow, & at a very low price.
13th.  The Wind S. at 7 in the Morning very dark, cloudy- close weather with some little rain, & continued so with little or no alteration all the rest of the day, Such of my Servant as are able to work plow at Bodelwyn.
14th.  The Wind S. A dark, close, cloudy day, with almost a continuall Mizling small rain - a very poor Market at LLanvechell, there being no Butcher's Meat at all .
15th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh ,all this day dry, & some Sun - Shine . lost 3d. at Cards.
16th.  The Wind S.  blowing fresh, dark & cloudy all the Morning, about 2 in the Evening it begun to rain & rained without intermission (& sometimes very hard) till i0 at Night. The Parson preached on John Chap. 9. vers.4:
17th.  The Wind W. blowing moderately, made no rain to day, my people plowing at Bodelwyn, pd. 1d2/1 for Ale
18th.  The Wind W. a fair s'un-shiny dry day from first to last pd. Richard Owen the Butcher of Tyddŷn Ronw 11s.for Meat[not sure if there's a full stop because the end of the word it in the binding sw]
19th. ●9 [this is written immediately below '19th.' sw] The Wind W. blowing something fresh, dark & cloudy generally all day. yet made no Rain, I have Joyners & plaisterers at work, in makeing up the Room above the Kitchen for my Daughter, against her comeing home, my servants, still at the same work (Viz) plowing at Bodelwyn —

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