January 6th.  The Wind S.W. blowing moderately, cloudy & dark and raining excessively from i2 last night till day, from that time till— i0 it was something dry but rained again exceeding hard till i2, so – that all the low grounds were under water; the ground is excessive – wet so that I had a very dirty day to entertain my Neighbours who all went home by i2at night; gave 6d. Charity to a poor woman.
7th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing fresh and very cold, some Sun shine and dryed very well all this day; but made such excessive heavy rain in the begin[i sw]ing of the night, that when I came home from the Priest's house about ii I had great difficulty to come dry, gave 2s. to the fidler that played at my house yesterday, & is. [1/- sw] to the Priest's Servant.
8th.  The Wind W. S W. blowing moderate, but cold & raw weather,dark with a mizling rain frequently for most part of the day.
9th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate all the day, but blew very fresh in the night yet made but little rain this day: Paid Ellin Lewis i8s. being all her last Sumer's [there is a curlicue over the 'm' sw] wages
i0th.  The Wind S. blowing high dark & cloudy, rusty & moaky weather all the morning: about ii I set out for LLysdulas in my way to Beaumares to keep the quarter: came to LLysdulas about 3 very much tired & cold, the ways being excessive deep & dangerous travelling.
iith.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, cloudy & dark with a mizling rain almost all day & night, and blowing a great storm for most part of the night.
i2th.  The Wind W. blowing fresh & very cold raw weather, but clear and some Sun shine: Set out for Beaumares about i2 & came there about 3— much fatigued.
i3th.  The Wind W. & by S. blowing fresh & cold, dark raw weather : about i0 we went to Court, put in the Recognizances I had taken & proceeded upon them & others till every thing was finish'd betwixt this & the Evening Court. pd.at my Lodgings 3s. 3d.
i4th.  The Wind W. cold dark & raw weather all day, but made little or no rain Sat this day with Mr. Lewis of LLysdulas & Mr. John Jones of Henllys to ad – just the Salvage due to the people of Cemaes for saveing 22 Elephant's teeth weighing 10 hundred 2 quarters & odd pounds & adjudg'd them to deserve– for their care & trouble 40s. for every hundred weight: the Teeth being valued at a medium at 7L. per hundred.
i5th.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy & dark: gave the barber is. [1/- sw] to the Cryer 6d. to the Servants at my lodging is. 6d. my bill at my lodging 8s. 6d. in all — spent at Beaumares i4s. 9d. Set out from Town half an hour before i2 and came to LLysdulas before 3 in the Evening.

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