July 7th.  The Wind E. calm & warm, and even hot about noon; cloudy and over cast before night, pd John FurSise the Scotch Pedlar that lives in LLanerchmedd 29s for 4 pair of brown thread Stockins of 3 threads; and 3 pair of stockins of 5 threads made of Silk and worsted mixed. 

☞ [this symbol is in the margin pointing at this line sw] the 30th. of last month the great Tythe of this parish was Set. Caerdegog parcell was set at 38L. and as much as the Parson thought fit to set of LLawr y LLan [there is a line over 'an' sw] parcell,was  – set as followeth, parcell y Mynydd 18s. the Corn onely of LLawr y LLan [there is a line over the 'n' sw] set at 28L. out of which the Parson ex– - cepted his own corn ^the Tythe of^ which (as the markets are now ) is worth 4L. for Cae Warmingham is all under red wheat, the field between which and Brynclynni under very good —  

by wch. acct. LLanfechell Liveing is – worth this year 107L. 4s. 8d. [this is noted in the margin opposite this line and the four preceding in a different ink sw]

Barley, a field of March wheat in ferem, one half is ye glebe land, the other he rents of me, the large glebe field by Rhôs Garrog under very good great Oats, a glebe quillet at gorsedd Rys under Barley, Besides, he reserves to himself all the Tythe hay of this parcell, which this year is worth 8L. so that LLawr y LLan is worth him this year 40L. besides the modus of 26s. 8d. pd.him from Bo[den sw]iel . and besides Dygwell Tythe every other year, which this year was set at 4L. surplice fees here one year with the other at a medium 8L. Lambs & Lactuals abt. 7L. the glebe land of this parish well worth 8L a year –- pd. 2s for a quarter of mutton

8th.  The Wind N.W. Sun shiny and hot most part of this day, and exceeding dry, a great want of water in the Countrey both for grinding of Corn & for Cattle . pd. Gobad y Crŷdd 2d for mending my shoos. Barley Sold to day at LLanerchmedd for 42 shillings a pegget .
9th.  The Wind W. N. W. very calm, hot & Sultry all day, To Day I begun to plow my Sanded pinfold at Cefn y Groes the second time, the ground without ye Pinfold is sanded likewise, and is to have 3 plowings for Wheat like the pinfold .

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