July 10th.  The Wind S.W. blowing a moderate gale; but hot and Sultry all day; the Evening overcast and cloudy, and made a fine shower of rain about 6 in the Evening for an hour and half; Delivered Catherine Wms. Humphrey Mostyn's Wife 5 guineas to give my Daugther, (she going too morrow to Liverpool. gave her likewise 5s. to pay for 5 pints of Spirit of Wine .
11th.  The Wind W. a moderate gale, but very hot & sultry – tho generally cloudy most part of the day; 
12th.  The Wind W. & by N. generally cloudy and dark, but still continues hot & parching dry weather; all the Water Corn Mills are in a manner a standing all over the Countrey.
13th.  The Wind W. dark , close weather most part of the day, but hot and very Sultry. my servants are employed as before, some in second fallowing the Wheat ground, others in carrying home Sand till 9, and all the rest of the day in the hay.
14th.  The Wind W. very close weather, dark & cloudy in the morning, about 10 I set out to Tre'r ddôl to ye burying of Mrs. Anne Meyrick wife to Mr. Wm. Hughes Parson of LLantrisant; it cost me betwixt the Joyner that made the Coffin, the Priest and parish clark 2s. 6d. was at home by 4 a clock. the deceased was 40 year old.
15th.  The Wind W. very calm, hot and sultry all day, The Markett at LLanerchmedd as before, and some new Barley to be sold the[r sw]e
16th. The Wind N. W. very calm & excessive dry and very hot all day, finished the second plowing of my Wheat ground.


8.❍ [this is in the margin below '17th' sw]  

The Wind W. very calm in the Morning & clear & fair; ye Evening cloudy, windy & cold

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