May 23d.  The Wind E. extream hott & Sultry, it thundered more or less from ii in the Morning till night, and about 5 it made a comfortable shower of fine warm rain that lasted 2 hours. all the Night very hott and Sultry.
24th.  The Wind E. calm and fair and extream hott. I should have mentioned in the account of yesterday that I had set Gwenith= =fryn ucha (Mr. Wm. Parry's Tenemt.) for 7 years comenceing next Allsts. to Samuel Jones now liveing at Tŷ yn y Graig in Carrog, for 2L. 5s. a year, & no taxes allowed him.— washed my Sheep to day, in order to be sheared.
25th.  The Wind varying all day, mighty calm, fair, & extream hot weather, & a good deal of dew on the ground this Morning Sheared all my Sheep to day, my Servants still at the same work as before, at home I sowed some Beans, Pease, and Kidney Beans, the Market at LLanerchymeddwon very low, not withstanding the great exportation of Corn out the – Countrey for England & Ireland: the Barley from 10s. to 11s. the best, Rye & Pilcorn from 14s. to i6s. Wheat from 24s. to 27s. a pegget.
26th.  The Wind E.N.E. very hot & dry, but a fine dew this morning, a little breeze of Wind about noon, was at Porth Badrig this Evening a bathing. begun today to plow my Pinfolds
27th.  The Wind E. & N.E. a very great dew this Morning, very hot, but a little more breeze than yesterday, a very full Market at LLanfechell, great plenty of Fish, Butcher's Meat, corn, Meal, butter &c. was a bathing this Evening again, my people at the Same work abroad,& cleaning the gardens of Weeds, & Cutting down, Hemlock, Nettles, &c before they run to seed .Pd. 6d. for Ale.
28th.  The Wind E.&N.E. hot & Scorching, & great want of rain, some of my Servants discharging 2 boat loads of Sand, others plowing the Pinfold at Coydan.

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