15.  of Tŷ yn y Lôn (alias Penddu Mawr) and Hugh Prys y Pyd[aw sw] the Shoomaker, Penddu Mawr was to raise up 120 stones (set at a yards distance from one another) one by one & put them in a Bask[i sw]t at one end, Before Hugh Prŷs could run along the high way to the Sexton's house by Llanbadrick Church, Hugh Prys went as far as Towŷn Bâch & there his heart failed him, and came back again as far as Cae Adda, when Penddu Mawr thinking it in vain to run any more gave over, haveing taken up in all that time but 37 stones, so that if Hugh Prŷs had but walked it onely, he would have carryed it. the 120 stones at aYard's distance by Arithmeticall progression – being taken up at that manner making exactly 8 mile & a quarter – [this is correct sw] Paid this day to William Charles of Gwenith-fryn Collector of ye Duties on Windows - Six Shillings Window-Tax. Paid to John Edward of Alaw bâch Collector of the land tax for ye psh of Llanddeusant six Shillings Land tax for Cnewchdernog fawr in my own holding. Paid David Williams Collector of the Land Tax for the Township of Llawr y Llan in lLanfechell 14s Land tax- for Brynddu 5s. 1d. for Bodelwyn 2s. 3d. for Coydan 4s. 5d. for Rhôs Carrrog 4d. for Ferem 1s. 8d. for Gerddi – Gwynion 3d. Spent 3d for ale after Evening Prayer.
16.  A fair, clear warm sunshiny morning, the Wind still East, a great deal of Dew upon the grass, the finest spring as can be remembered – to day I have a parcell of [Lads sw], gathering together the stones at Cae'r âllt Ddu now under hay. there was a great match at foot ball played to day at Maes y Cleifion in Tyddyn Ron[io sw] betwixt 12 met of Llanbadrick parish, & 12 of Llanfairynghornwy & Llanrhwydrys. Each of the parties won one End, & the third was to decide the conqu[est sw] but they were so near equall, & the play being maintained on both sides with equall courage, skill & resolution, such as none of the spectators(who were 4. or 500 persons) ever saw the like before and being besides quite spent with 3 or 4 hours at such Violent Exercise, they agreed to desist, & so parted as good friends as they came, after they had spent half an hour together in cherishing their spirits with a cup of ale, I pd 3d. for ale there, in company –

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