February 22d.  The Wind S. W. blowing high all day, yet made but little rain; the Wind was very high and stormy in the night, and– made I believe a great deal of rain .
23d.  The Wind S.W. blowing fresh, and raining exceeding hard in the morning about 3 a clock, and made a mizling rain almost all the day afterwards: paid Rhys Bentir i5 pence for a – fore quarter of Veal , and 5 pence for a hind quarter of Lamb: on the fall of night the Wind came to N.E. and blew hard for most part of the night.
24th.  The Wind came to S. about i0 this morning, was calm, Sun – shiny, warm & fair all day: very little done upon the farm this week in the plowing business; because it is so wet.
25th.  The Wind S. blowing very moderate & warm weather, & was generally Sun shiny all day : pd. Owen Roberts 12s. of this — winter's wages.
26th.  The Wind S. very calm, Sun Shiny, fair and warm all day — the wind came to N.E. about 3 in the Evening, but ye weather was still warm & calm; LLanfechell Fair being kept on this day according to the Old style (it falling on ye 25th. but that was a – Sunday) it was very full of people,  &  Pedlar's wares, &Countrey cloath woolen & Linnen, Shooes, hats &c were sold there as usuall. pd. John Ifan the Gardiner 40s. being the remainder of his year's wages; and pd. likewise to John Hughes i4s. in part of this— winter's wages.
27th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh & cold, generally Sun Shiny & drying well all day, yet was Cloudy & overcast about 5 in the Evening , but made no rain . 
28th.  The Wind E. blowing very fresh & cold, & generally cloudy & overcast, but made no rain, & dryed well all this day: Paid 3s. 10d. 2/1 for a Garden Spade at LLanerchymedd .
March ist.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, cloudy & overcast,yet drying well all day:
2d.  The Wind E. blowing very moderate; cloudy & dark,yet continued dry all day: pd. Rhŷs Bentir 3s. for Butcher's meat; &pd. 4d.forbread.
3d.  The Wind S.E. calm, & generally cloudy & dark all this day also. & made a good deal of rain this morning before day: my people are- plowing all this week.


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