July 17th.  The Wind W.N.W. a dry fair calm day, & sun shiny in the Evening, raked a little hay in the Evening, the rest of the Day with the stones
18th.  The Wind N.W, a Warm, clear dry day, the best day in the hay it made this year, the Corn market at LLanvechell very Dear, Barley at 24s. Pilcorn & Rye at 32. & 33s a pegget. the flesh Market as Dear as ever, tho Butchers give but little for Cattle, especially Sheep –
19th.  The Wind S.E. in the Morning, fair warm clear & pleasant weather, till 9 when the Wind settled in S. & blew high, about 5 in the Evening it blew a Storm and rained prodigiously, and continued blowing & raining most part, if not all the Night, my people worked in the hay, till they were driven of by the rain, Wm. Bevan of Groes Fechan, Robert Owen of Cafnan & others of this Neighbourhood went to day with a good Number of small young horses towards Mould Fair –

20th Cocks [this written in large letters in the margin, directly underneath '20th' sw]

The Wind W.N.W in the Morning, & raining a dirty mizling rain till 9. setled N. in the Evening, & the rest of the day warm dry & pleasant. this is the 3d. Sunday without a Sermon. Sent on of Owen Ellis Chickens to Hugh Thomas Owen of Drym –

21st.  The Wind E. Dry, clear & pretty warm all this day, carrying & working of stones in the morning, all my people in the hay in the Evening.
22d.  The Wind E.S.E. dark & cloudy all the morning, about 12 it made 2 or 3 sharp showers which baulked us from the hay; my people in the Same work employed still, & to day we dry Oats for shelling.

23d.    ❍ 6 [this is written in the margin immediately below '23d.' sw]

The Wind W.N.W in the Morning & most part of the day, dry; fair & warm weather, came to the South in the Evening, turned dark, cold, & cloudy, & very like to rain, tho it made little or nothing – my people in the hay all day, the Market at LLanerchymedd much the Same as last week. rained very hard last night betwixt 10.&12.a clock.

24th.  The Wind W.S.W. blowing high, dark & cloudy in the Morning made a great Shower about 2 in ye Evening, some little afterward, went out a shooting with Cos[e sw]n H[en sw]. Hughes. & Abr. Jones. brought home 5 Plovers ∼

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