June 21st.  The Wind N.W. very calm, hott and Sultry, my people all this week employed in carrying home Lime from ['from' is in the margin sw] Disart Patrick bought of Mr. Owen LLoyd the Salt Officer for 1s. a pegget; which pegget is of the bulk of half a pegget of Barley; at othertimes they were weeding the Corn, oppening of wett ditches, & spreading the turf & peat to dry –
22d.  The Wind N.E. extream hott & Sultry, tho there is some little breeze of wind to day; a very full congregation to day at LLanfechell Church, tho it was not a SermonSunday.
23d.  The Wind N.E. blowing fresh, very hot and scorching, To day I begin to carry Sand on Clygyrog ucha pursuant to the bargain I made with the Tenant that comes there at Allsts. next. See Pag. 377. Pd. Thomas Williams the Taylor of Dymchwa 6d. for mending my cloaths.
24th.  The Wind E.N.E. blowing fresh and exceeding hot and scorching, and the earth excessive dry, insomuch as the grass withers instead of growing. I was to day to see my mill Pond (LLyn y Gors Rŷdd) which is so dry that I walked over it in most places, onely a little water stands yet near ye shore of Cae Carreg Gôch & a little further than the Stone wall that [mea sw]rs the farm of Clygyrog ucha & Tyfddŷn Ithel alîas Clygyrog y ddŵy Symne, all the rest of this great pond is like a green meadow in most places, onely where the ground is shallow & stony; the grass growing thereon is like that which — grows on wett Marshes near the Sea, the blades being thick soft & round; People begin to Cut Turf there already haveing given leave to severall to do it. The Mill haveing not worked since ye latter end of May, the mud hath had time enough to sub- -side, grow & harden; in ye year 1714 it was as it is now — abundance of Turf were cut there then, which are as good I belive as any in the World,some of those turf left there since that time are still there entire, and the Chinks & great Clefts which that extraordinary hott & dry Sumer [there is a line over the 'm' sw] made in that owzy Soil,(especially near the shores) remain there still unclosed ——

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