January 27th.  The Wind N. & by E. blowing fresh and very cold, if not freezing and generally cloudy and dark: To Day I Sent Nancy Wright to Mrs. Gold's Boarding in Beaumares along with her Sister Grace & gave between them 2s. 6d. the other money that must be laid out for Nancy in Town & the expence of the Men Horses &c. must be set forth in too-morrow's account: made sev – - erall Showers of hail of short continuance in the Evening & freezed pretty sharp in the night & the wind quite allayed.
28th.  The Wind N. and by E. blowing fresh and very cold all day and gen– –erally cloudy and dark; A great deal of Snow fell sometime last night so that the Earth was covered with it pretty thick this morning, but by 3 in the Evening most of it was melted: Jane Owen & the Man that carryed the Children 's Portmantua returned fromBeaumares where Nancy Wright was Entered into the School, She gave her Mistress 5s. Entrance money & 1s. to the Writeing Master, she pd. 7s. 10d. for Stuff to make her a Skirt, 6d. for a Psalter: 1s. 6d. she pd. for Sugar & 2d. for BraggotSpice [braggot is a drink sw]: & left 1s. 6d. with her Mistress to buy her small things — she may want, such as Pins, Garters, laces &c.
29th.  The Wind S.S.W. very moderate, but cold and raw all day, haveing freezed pretty hard last night which was wholy thawed by Noon– tho it made no rain and was generally cloudy and dark: about 8 at night the Wind began to blow, and by 10 it blew high and boisterous and rained very hard, and raining I left it when I went to bed·
30th.  The Wind W.in the morning blowing moderate Sun Shiny,fair & dry, but cold and raw, about 2 in the Evening it grew cloudy and overcast and theWind came to N.W. beg[u sw]n to blow high – and stormy accompanyed with frequent great showers of hail all the rest of the day, and the Wind continued stormy and boisterous while I was awake and in bed.
3ist.  The Wind W· & by N. in the morning and blowing fresh & cold — yet generally Sun shiny: before night it came to S.blewfresh & rained from 4 in the Evening till far in the night: My Servant John returned from my Sister & brought me a bill of expences in bringing the Girls to Town, which was 7s. 7d.

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