April 2d.  The Wind N. W. generally dark and cloudy, but not cold, tho it made some frost last night and hoar frost; haveing Sowed Rhos Garrog with hay Seeds, ·I sowed to day severall Rows of Gorse Seeds thro the field by way of shelter . Delivered Owen Hughes the Pedlar 10s. 6d. to pay to Vickers of Holy head for things he had bought for me .
3d. The Wind S. S. W. in the morning, and made very fine rain for above an hour which brought the Wind back again to its old lodging at N. & N. N. W. all the rest of the day from 8 till night was sun shiny & fair, but very cold out of the Sun .
4th.  The Wind N. and cold, about 6 this morning I Set - out for LLangefni to meet the Corps of Mrs. Meyrick of Bodorgan who dyed in London, and which is to be deposited in a Vault at LLangadwaladr . arrived at LLangefni some after 9 where the Hearse & the Mourning Coach &c were allready come; and the bearers being fitted with scarfs &c about 10 they proceeded to Llangadwaladr, in the following order: 2 men in the black Cloaks carrying in their hands black poles with black silk scarfs ty[e sw]d to ye top of them led the way; Mr. Meyricks tenants haveing gloves & hatbands went next, then the bearers 6 in number who were Mr. Lewis of LLysdulas, Mr. Owen of Penrhose, Mr Meyrick of Trefry; Mr. Lewis Nanney, Mr. Wm. Hughes of Tre'r ddol, and my self. next followed the Hearse, covered on [ye sw] Sides with Escutchions, drawn by 6 horses, and the Mourning Coach followed after with the Undertakers &c in this manner they came to the Church yard, when the Corps which was enclosed in three Coffins (one being Leaden) and weighing 800 weight was taken out of the hearse, And

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