November 7th.  The Wind S. S.W. & moderate, cloudy in ye morning, & the Evening generally Sun shiny & fair, Set out about 8 for my Sister's– Burying, was there about 12 being the time appointed for the Burying; but they staid till 3 before they went to Church; there was 12 Bearers & 9 that wore – cloaks, the Bearers were Mr. Owen of Presaddved & his Brother Robert, Mr. Rowlds. of Caerau, Mr. Jones of Plas Gwyn, Mr. Wm.s. Ty Frŷ, Mr. Wms, of Quirt, Mr. Evans of Vaenol, Dr. Price of Rhiwlas, Maurice Lewis of Beaumares, Mr. Bulkeley the Parson of LLanfechell, Mr. Robert Carreg Collector of Carnarvan & John Jones Trefollwyn. Those who wore Cloaks were Mr. Hughes of Plas Coch & hirtwo Brothers Robert & William, Mr. John LLoyd her Cousin German [an archaic form of 'germane' sw] & heir, Mr. FrancisLLoyd of Rhosbeirio Mr. Owen Lloyd her Father's Brother, Mr. Morgan of Henblas, myself & my Son. I gave the Priest 5s. for my self & 5s. for my Mother & to the Sexton 1s for myself & 1s. for my Mother · and went to Hirdrefaig that night.
8th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh and cold, but dry & generally Sun shiny ; went to LLanffinan [there is a line over the end of thos word sw] Church where severall of the relations of the deceased likewise came according to Custom the first Sunday after the Burying; Staid at Hirdrefaig to day.
9th.  The Wind S. very calm cloudy hazy weather, but made no rain, & continued dark & cloudy all day·
10th.  The Wind  S. blowing fresh a dirty day with a mizling rain almost all day, staid this day also at Hirdrefaig .
iith.  The Wind S. E. very calm, fair, Sun shiny and pleasant all day; about ii I set out from hence for home, haveing given among the Servants 3s. and came home before 4 · much fatigued .
12th  The Wind S. very calm, but cold raw weather, cloudy and dark; and continued So all day. lent my Mother 10s.
13th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, something cold and dry and little sunshine about ii, but generally cloudy and overcast; Allowed John ab Einion 4s. for land tax he paid .& allowed Mr. Thomas Morris 10s. 8d. land tax he paid.
14th.  The Wind S. blowing pretty fresh, cold and raw, cloudy and overcast all day, yet made no rain; Paid the Cooper 5s. for 10 day's work.
15th.  The Wind S. moderately calm in the morning & generally Sun Shine; the Evening blowing fresher, cloudy & overcast & very like rain but made none all day : The Priest preached on Psalm 143d. vers. 2d. gave 6d. at ye burying of Ann Jones.
16th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh, and raining hard about 5 in the morning & some light driving rain afterwards, most part of the day; A pretty full Fair to day at LLanfechell, and some buying. but at small rates .
17th.  The Wind W. blowing high and very cold, but fair and dry, and con – _ tinued so all day.
18th.  The Wind S. W. calm and generally Sunshiny fair and warm all day, yet on the fall of night it made some mizling rain, & some afterwards in the night·
19th.  The Wind S. moderately calm and raining very hard severall hours before day, and with very little intermission till 3 in the _ Evening when the Wind ris very high & blew a storm from that time till day , tho it made no great matter of rain.
20th.  The Wind [S sw]. W. blowing high & Stormy with a driveing rain all day in a manner, more or less; all ye Evening & night blowing very high & stormy.

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