September i2th.  The Wind W. & by N. calm,Sun shiny, hot and very Sultry all this day also; Yesterday my people finished getting in all my corn both in Coydan and at home: haveing carried in at Coydan, of Barley at Caer. LLorriau 324 shocks, at Cadlas newŷdd 2i8 shocks in all 542 shocks (short hundred) Barley made into stacks at home from Bodelwyn 204 shocks, Cae Tŷ'n y llŵyn and Cae Caled i52 shocks – – two pinfolds at Cefn y Groes i84 shocks; So that all the Barley made 902 – of the long hundred or i082 shocks of the Short hundred: The Rye made 72 Shocks and the Wheat 5i shocks: White Oats i00 shocks. Black Oats i28 shocks short hundred, Small Oats i28 short hundred, seaven shocks of horse beans. and a sta^c^k of gray pease 5 yards long as many broad and 3 yards & half high.
i3th.  The Wind S. E. blowing moderate Sun shiny, clear hot & Sultry all this day day likewise.
i4th.  The Wind E. blowing fresh, hot and sultry all this day also: There is very little corn out any where in all these neighbouring parishes (blessed be God for this fine weather·
i5th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate and raining hard this morning from 4 – till 7 and made a heavy shower afterwards before 9 when it cleared up and became hot and Sultry before noon: pd. Hugh Lewis Cadi by the hands of Robert Evans 3L. iis. for a Cow I had bought of him·
i6th.  The Wind S. S.E. blowing moderate; dark cloudy weather & raining frequently this day both morning & Evening and also in the night.
i7th.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, Some sun shine, but generally cloudy yet dry all this day.
i8th.  The Wind W.  &  by  S. and little of it; Some Sun shine in the morning, but the Evening cloudy and overcast; yet it made no rain: Pd. David Smith a Scotch Pedlar iL. 4s. 6d. for cloth & thread to make the little Girls – shifts·
i9th.  The Wind W. N·W blowing moderate, Some Sun shine, but generally – cloudy, but dry all day: Paid 5d. for a good large Cod, & 2s. 8d. to Marged ’chuw morus for a side of Mutton. 
20th.  The Wind S. W · and Moderate with some showers of rain, yet fine – warm weather: My Distemper all this week was very troublesome & painfull & I am reduced to great weakness: God of his great mercy relieve me from this my distress.
2ist.  The Wind S. S. W. blowing moderate and generally Sun shiny & fair but dry all the day: but the night very stormy of wind & rain .
22d.  The Wind S. blowing moderate, Some sunshine & cloudy by turns & great showers of rain descending suddenly, but soon over.
23d.  The Wind S. S. E. blowing pretty fresh all day attended with mix'd weather of Sun shine & showers, but from 6 in the Evening till after 7 it rained as heavy as ever I ever I can remember to see it ; & I believe it rained almost all night.

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