May 31st.  The Wind varied from. E. to N.W. most part of the Day, it rained I believe all <or most of> the last night, & continued raining more or less all this Day. Richd. Wms. Carrog came here to day very drunk, (whom I had not seen here before this 9 years, he Was so troublesome that Cousin Henry Hughes & I were forced to leave him by himself to gett rid of him. 
June∎∎ 1st  The Wind full North what there was of it, Dry, very warm and a fine pleasant Day_paid 6d. for, & 3d for Ale —

2d. WhitSunday [written in the margin below '2d.' sw] 

The Wind S.S.W. and raining most part of the Morning, when it left off raining it blew pretty hard the rest of the Day till Night. the Number of Comunicants that received to day in llanfechell was betwixt 70 & 75. gave to the Collection for the poor at the Sacrament [2 sw]s. for Ale in the Evening 5d.   

3d.  The Wind S.W. and high accompanied with severall very cold Showers of rain in the Morning, moderately warm the Rest of the day, spent 3d for ale in the Evening.
4th.  The Wind S.W. and very cold all the Morning, there was a match of quoiting this morning at lLanvechell betwixt 3 of Caerdegog and 3 of Lhawr y lLan, and won by the Caerdegog people, I went to the Cock fight at Llandyfrydog about 10. which was for 8 silver spoons, the reall value of the spoons was 14s a piece, each engager laid down 15s. 6d. and who-ever got a battle was intituled to a spoon, for 2 battles 2 spoons (that is, a spoon each battle) the third battle was to have 2 spoons more, I gott the first battle, & consequently a spoon, and Will: Hughes the parson of Llantrisan haveing gott another battle, we agreed to share the spoil, & he getting the prize, he had 3 spoons to divide betwixt him and me, so that I gott 2 spoons, & 7s. for my share of the other, and tho it cost me 2s. for ordinary and extraordinary & 2s 6d to Owen Warmingham for feeding my Cock, yet I brought home 2 spoons at the expense of 8s. haveing won 6 or 7s by betting – came home betwixt 9 and 10. at Night


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