the same as great or greater with Richard Hughes of Cefn y Drover, who this Sessions hath a tryall at Comon [there's a sort of tilde above the 'm' in Comon, but I can't get a tilde to sit on an 'm' in the text sw] law, besides a suit in Chancery  Aprill 23d. against him, I told Mr. John Owen that if his friendship to Cousin Morgan was real he would not countenance such a scrub as Richard Hughes to plague a Gentleman as he did, who took such an offence at my mentioning the word countenanceing that he asked me to explain my self, for he (he said) did not countenance him, but did all he could with Mr. Rowlands of Caera (whose tenant Richd Hughes then was, for he lived at Castellior) to make up the matter I replied that I was very sure, if he, & Mr. Rowlands, & other Gentle-men did discourage & discountenance such upstarts, that they would soon leave of being troublesome to Gentlemen. I told him likewise that the meaness of some people's spirits was inconceivable and instanced how great he was with Lewis Trysclwyn, whose Father Morris Lewis had indicted his Grandfather Owen Owens of Cremlyn upon a pœnal statute, for being a Popish recusant. and that I was his relation, & my family had always been civill to hims and done them some service, & yet he would do ye Trysclwyns any good turn before he would do me, I told him likewise how the same Morris Lewis plagued & prosecuted his Grandmother's Brother, Mr. Robert Parry of Amlwch, and made him sell at least 50L a year in that lawsuit, what was left of that Estate this John Owen now has, the Booby had no other reply to make but this, Must I quarrell with these people because their father did so by my ancestours. what sort of creature this fellow is I leave posterity to Judge, and shall proceed to give an account of a letter yt came to Town the beginning of the Sessions directed to Owen Meyrick of Bodorgan Esqr Custos Rotulorum for this County, and in his absence to the Justices of the Peace of this County, the letter was signed by 4 Privy Councellors. (Viz)[Nesta Evans has 'viz' sw] Willmington, Harrington, Charles Wager & R. Walpole the purport of it was to require the Justices of the peace to Issue out Warrants to impress able bodied Seamen for the use of his Majesty's Navy. many they can't have in this County ——

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