Febr 14th.  The Wind E.N.E. calm, clear & serene, but a very great hoar frost, & haveing freezed hard last night besides. I find my self to day pretty well recovered ( praised be God ) & have had no Ague since : my Servants all last week plowing for Oats. The Parson finished this day the Sermon he begun (&for which he was paid ) on the 2d. Inst.
15th. The Wind S. E. in the morning, it settled in W.S.W. in the Evening, dark & cold raw weather, A full Fair to day at LLanfechell. pd. 4d. for Parsnip seeds.
16th.  The Wind in the morning early at S.W. & raining hard about 4, but in the twinkling of an Eye it made a prodigious blast that did not last a minute, which brought the wind N. W. & the rain ceased at once . the rest of the day in sun shiny & cold .
17th.  The Wind N. [W? sw] Sun shiny & fair, but cold, all the morning; made some small [there is a mark above the 'm' that look likes an apostrophe sw] showers of Snow in ye Evening but were soon melted. The Market at LLanerchmedd lower, as to Corn, very little Butcher's meat there, & that poor & very dear .
18th.  The Wind N.W. blowing fresh & very cold; a great deal of Snow fell sometime before day, so that the Earth was all covered this morning, but did not continue long,made severall Showers of Snow afterwards both morning & Evening & very cold towards night. This day ye Parliamt meets after an Adjournment of 15 days, when ye grand —– Corrupter laid down all his places & retired to his house in Norfol[k sw]. May God grant them honesty & resolution to pursue the Enemy of their Countrey to the Scaffold.

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