October 2ist.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing very fresh & cold with some hoar frost this morning also, yet Sun shiny, fair & pleasant but the ground excessive dry: Paid Rhŷs Ben[tir sw] – 2s. i0d. for Butcher's meat·
22d.  The Wind E. blowing moderate, but cold & raw & generally Sunshiny but dry all day: My people all this week ( except the day we carryed Coal ) were plowing for Winter Corn, where they Sowed in Cae'r Pyllau three measures of Red Wheat, two measures & half of white Wheat & one Cibbin of the large eared wheat a stranger in this Countrey; Paid Thomas Jones the fuller 4s. 5d. for fulling 42 yards of Cloath & ii – yards of flannen for the poor: & paid him i5s. for 5 pound weight of Bohea Tea ·
23d.  The Wind W. & W. N.W. blowing moderate,but cold & raw weather, cloudy & dark for the most part, especially in the Evening & night, yet made no rain. 
24th.  The Wind E. N. E. blowing very fresh & very cold all day& generally cloudy and dark weather , yet made no rain ·
25th.  The Wind E. & by N. blowing pretty fresh, some sun shine, but for the most part cloudy and dark, but made no rain.
26th.  The Wind N.E. blowing very moderate, cloudy close weather, and some small mizling rain of a short continuance: Pd. is.four pence postage for a Leghorn Letter·

27th 5 ❍ [this is written vertically in the margin below '27th' sw]  

The Wind W. N. W. blowing moderate but cold & raw, cloudy and dark weather all day with some very little rain about noon, but was soon over & the rest of the day was dry & the night for the most part cloudy & dark·

28th.  The Wind N.W. blowing pretty fresh & cold very raw weather all the day, dry and scorching: gave is. [1/- sw] Charity to Martha Thomas Davydd & paid Rhys Bentir 2s.6d. for a Side of Mutton .
29th.  The Wind S. blowing fresh & cold, cloudy & dark weather, and about noon it begun to rain a small driveing rain, & made – afterwards a smart shower of 3 of 4 minutes about 2 in the Evening
30th.  The Wind W. S. W. blowing pretty fresh & generally cloudy & dark, but made no rain: The Curate Priest preached on Mat: Chap: 22d. & verses 37,38, 39 & 40 .
3ist.  The Wind S. W. blowing moderate but pretty cold cloudy & dark all day but made no rain this day also.

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