8❍ [this is written in the margin opposite this entry sw] 

December iith.  The Wind N. very calm, with a thick hoar frost this morning, about 9 I Set out to LLandyfrydog to Join with my Son in executeing a Security for 350L. borrowed of Mr. Lewis Davies the Parson, being a Mort–   ☞ [this pointing hand symbol is in the margin, pointing at this line sw]

– gage for years on 31L. 15s. lands in Llanddeusant, LLanfaeth – ly & Llanfechell; part of which money was to pay off a Mort- – gage to Mrs. Lucy Wynn, the rest to pay off my Son's Debts in London, & to enable him to be called to the Bar this Hilary Term [there is a line under 'ilary Ter' in a different pen, or pencil sw] This Morning the Moon being full I observed to Sett in the very same point that the Sun sets at the 11th of June. gave 1s. to Mr. Lewis Davies Servant, & lay this night at – LLysdulas.

12th.  The Wind E. very calm & fair; having freezed pretty hard last night, & a hoar frost this morning; freezing softly all this day, was at home before Six.
13th.  The Wind E. N.E. very calm, sun-shiny & fair, but a great hoar frost this morning; & haveing freezed hard last night, The Parson preached a piece of a Sermon on 1. Cor. Chap 11th. verses 27th. & 28th.
14th.  The Wind  E. N. E. calm, sunshiny & fair all day; freezed a little last night, it thaws gently all this day. my Servants thinking the ground too hard to plow, are employed in Cutting & carrying Gors to fence the Pinfold at Coydan.
15th.  The Wind E. very calm, sun-shiny & fair, haveing made some frost last; I set out about 10 on foot to see Mr. Wms.the Parson of Llanfachreth - was there about 2 in the Evening, haveing staid some time at my farms in LLanddeusant.
16th.  The Wind  E. very calm, sun-shiny & fair, but freezed very hard last night, and a thick hoar frost this morning, went out a coursing –but the ground was so hard that the Dogs could not run, but stood looking at the hares running away.

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